Nepali movie – Chhahari

Nepali movie – Chhahari
StarringDhiren Shakya, Melina Manandhar, Subhadra Adhikari, Deepak Chhetri, Narendra Thapa etc.
Director – Ram Surkheti

Nepali movie ‘Chhahari’ is a presentation of JSBF (the first presentation of Jaya Siddha Baba Films) by Prem Gauchan. Bishal Bista and Anita KC are the new presentation in the movie. The child artists are Subina Subedi and Jaya KC.

The movie is shot by cameraman Dik Thapa, production controller is Meghraj Poudel, action by Surendra Shah, choreography / editing Raju Shah, script by Amar Rasaili, and music by Binaya/Bobby.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Upload credit – Hi Tech Entertainment.

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