Nepali movie – Kabeli

Nepali movie – Kabeli
Starring – Rajkumar Lingden, Jayasang Lingden, Som Lama, Upasna Negbang
Director – Dinesh Lingden

About ‘Kabeli’

Made under the banner of Falgunanda Lingden Films, Nepali movie ‘Kabeli’ is a presentation of Kabita Lingden. The executive producers are Sumit Lingden and Suditi Lingden. The concept of the movie is prepared by Janu Kangbang Lingden. The cinematographer is Bikram Dc, music by Dinesh Lingden and Bikash Chaudhary, action by Janak Gurung, and editing by Mek B Thapa and Dipak Lama.

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There are no well known actors in the movie. The actors are Rajkumar Lingden, Jayasang Lingden, Som Lama, Upasna Negbang, Amita Chhantel, Sewika Rai, (Baba), Janak Gurung, Krishna Khaling, Raju Ghimire etc.

Poster of ‘Kabeli’

A viewers’ comment:

The movie shows the culture of Limbu people in the East Nepal. Although the story is ok, the movie gives the flavour of the movies made before 2050 BS. It seems that some unnecessary scenes are included in the movie just to increase the length of the movie. The title Kabeli and the story doesn’t match. The acting of the actors are ok. All the artists have justified their roles. The best actors are Aite Bhola and Kiran – their acting is 80 percent real. The actresses Nisha and Bhauju Shova’s acting is 70 percent real. Bikash Daju and Kaka are also good in their role. The second hero, Nikesh, is not that good in acting.

The music and the singing is very good. The songs have Eastern flavour as per the demand of the story.

Cinematography and editing have a lot of place for improvement. In the start, the credits are given over static photos which doesn’t look good. Lightening is same in both happy scene and sad scene.
The movie is shot in a very remote location – the producers are praiseworthy for their effort and willingness. The movie is a very good attempt.

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