Nepali movie – Taa Ta Sarai Saprish Ni Badri

Nepali film – Taa Ta Sarai Saprish Ni Badri
Starring Jaya Kishan Basnet, Rejina Upreti, Sunil Thapa, Samrat Sapkota, Shovit Basnet, Dinesh Sharma, Sushil Chhetri, Suvekshya Thapa, Uttam KC, Umesh Khadka etc.
Direction – Shovit Basnet

The movie ‘Taa Ta Sarai Saprish Ni Badri’ was a release of 2069 made as a sequel of a super hit movie ‘Taa Ta Sarai Bigrish Ni Badri’. There is however no artists in the movie related to the original movie. The movie is presentation of Trendy Films by Jayakishan Bansnet. Jaya Kishan has written the lyrics, story, script and dialogue in the movie. The original movie was produced and featured MaHa jodi. The film and the songs of the movie were very popular at that time.

Watch the full movie:

Video credit – Sairam Pictures

Poster of the movie

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