Nepali Movie – Tod

Rashmi Films Pvt. Ltd. presents
Nepali Movie – Tod (2008)
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Suman Singh, Rekha Thapa, Uma Baby etc.
Animation – Achyut Gajurel
Writer/Director – Rajan Shrestha

This is the place holder of Nepali film ‘Tod’.

We will update this post when the movie is officially available online. Keep visiting.

14 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Tod

  1. Hello,
    I have a question for who is posting movie on this online. If person cannot watch the movie what is the of posting movie on this site.
    Thank you

    • Hi Max,
      I am sorry, you missed the show. We have no control over the videos posted in YouTube.
      Thank you for the comment.

  2. I’m not fully satisfied after watching the ‘Tod’ cuz of its main part of action scene of saving abducted child from bad guys was missed in the film. How and why the scene was missed ? please help !!!
    I am unable to share right comment on the ‘Tod’ as it has still incomplete parts.

  3. Nepali film Tod ? The scene of hero (who ever was) ? on the mission to rescue the abducted daughter of inspector Kiran and businessman Ashok is found missing in the uploaded parts. So it was like having cup of tea without sugar or milk. If the action scene of the rescuing of child wasn’t missed in the parts then I could clap my hands for the hero who safely rescued the child from notorious gangs and same done by the Worldwide viewers to do so, I believe.
    I humbly request and suggest to the admin or up loader should take patience and review the parts whether in right order and in good quality print prior to upload the film in the website for the shake of the World wide viewers. May God bless you !
    On the whole the story of film suits the title of the film and impressive performances by the lead actors. A hot song called Garam Garam Hawa De and fascinating sequences in the rain in wet cloths by Biraj Bhatt and Rekha Thapa was so sexy, good for those who love to see such kind of songs and sequences.

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