Nepali Film – Dadagiri

Nepali Movie – Dadagiri
Cast Rajesh Hamal, Dhiren Shakya, Biraj Bhatta, Rekha Thapa, Bipana Thapa, Sajja Mainali
Direction – Madan Ghimire

A presentation of Rose Rana, ‘Dadagiri’ is a gangster film featuring top actors in Nepali film industry – Rajesh, Dhiren, Biraj, Rekha, Bipana and Sajja. The film depicts the crime and injustice in the Nepali society. The music in the film is composed by Chetan Sapkota and action directed by Rajendra Khadgi.

Watch the full film in single part:

Credit – Budha Subba Music

6 thoughts on “Nepali Film – Dadagiri

  1. हेल्लो सर्ब प्रथम सबैलऐ नमस्कार तर अणि खोइ यो मुभि को पुलिस लाई पुणिश्मेण्ट ट्यो चोर् डाँका हरु लाई पनि पुणिश्मेण्ट डिणु ल बिराज अणि मात्रै नेपाल सुड्रिण्च ओके बाइ चोर् हरु कस्टो पुलिस ओफ्फिकेर आरे डाँका को पटि लागेर डाँका लाई जोगौणे हो म जण्डछु यू रेअल होईन तर पनि त्यस्तो होइ पुलिस ओफ्फिकेर बुजिस डि एस् पि मेरो सालाम छ ल डि एस् पि लाई बाइ हवे अ नाइस फुण

  2. dadagiri is not a movie that we hope to b but really men are compelled to be ‘dadagiri’ due to the bad aspects of society.corrupted police officers who are hiddenly giving shelter to those really bad people has made good one also to b bad.

  3. thanx lot posting lot nepali movie we appriciated for it
    this movie is all right but not top as a name ..anyway gettin better..and could you plesae upload the movie of SHANKAR ..and DEWUKI…THANX

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