Sajja Mainali married a DV Lottery winner and quit acting

Actress Sajja Mainali got married on December 7, 2006 and quit acting.

Actress Sajja Mianali married Om Raj Bhattrai, at Indreni Complex, Naya Baneshwor. Om Raj Bhattarai was a US Green Card holder. According to her sister-in-law, Bimala Mainali, the marriage ceremony was a very simple traditional ceremony. Om Raj, an MBS Graduate and working as an accountant in the US.

Sajja is the youngest daughter of Gopal Raj Mainali and Sarita Mainali. Although being the youngest she got married before her elder sister.

Sajja’s sister-in-law, Bimala said, “One of my relatives told me that there is this guy who is interested in Sajja and wants to get married to her. After hearing about this, we decided to meet the person and now… as they say ‘the rest is history’. It has just been a week that they have known each other and us as well… and they just happen to click! Some days back they got engaged and today they are getting married. Sajja had been taking it rather slow as far as her career in Kollywood was concerned. She had not signed any movies neither was she involved in any shoot for the past six/ seven months. Now that she is married, there is little chance that she will make a come back. They might go to the States now since Om resides there!”

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Nepali Movie – Aankha Lobhi Man Papi (Nir Shah, Sajja Mainali)

Nepali Film – Aankha Lobhi Man Papi
Starring – Nir Shah, Rabi Shah, Nitesh Raj Pant, Sajja Mainali, Gopal Raj Mainali, Kiran KC, Rama Thapaliya etc.
Director – Shyam Rai

The movie ‘Aankha Lobhi Man Papi’ is a presentation of Global Pictures. Guest artists in the movie include Narendra Kansakar, Manju Shrestha and Shambhu Tamang. Cinematographers in the movie are Basanta Jung Rayamajhi, Kamal Rai and Govind Prabhat, action by NB Maharjan, lyrics by Surendra Rana, music by Ram Thapa, editing by Banish Shah, cinematography by Surendra Bajractarya and story/script/dialogue by Surendra Rana.

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Nepali Movie – Samarpan

Nepali Movie – Samarpan
Starring – Sushil Chhetri, Biren Shrestha, Sajja Mainali, Sumi Khadka, Subhadra Adhikaril, Jayanand Chand, Ramchandra Adhikari, Nir Shah etc.
Director – Shyam Rai

About ‘Samarpan’

The Nepali movie ‘Samarpan’ is a presentation of Daya Sagar Dai. The movie features the background music by Sanjay Shrestha, story by  Pradeep Bhardwoj, script and dialogue by Rajkumar Shrestha,editing by Banish Shah, choreography by Shanta Nepali and Kamal Rai, music by Manohar Sunam and Mahesh Khadka, action by Ram / Janak, and cinematography by Deepak Bantawa.

Watch full movie:
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Nepali Movie – Don (Biraj Bhatt, Sanchita Luitel)

Nepali film – Don
Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Nabin Shrestha, Sajja Mainali, Sanchita Luitel, Rose Rana etc.
Story / Direction Rishi Neupane

About ‘Don’

The movie produced by Rose Rana, ‘Don’ also features Rose as an actor. The movie has a similar name to another movie featuring another action star, Nikhil Upreti’ with Sanchita Luitel – ‘Mr. Don’. Watch ‘Mr. Don’ here.

‘Don’ features music of Chetan Sapkota, lyrics of Dinesh Adhikari and Dhanendra Bimal, action by Ram Janak and Babu Balami. The choreographers are Basnta Shrestha and Kamal Rai, cinematographers are Dik Khadka and Umesh Shrestha, editors are Anil Gautam and Babi Lamichhane.

Watch Nepali Movie ‘Don’ in full:
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It was not only Sanchita Luitel, Nikhil Upreti had affair with Sajja Mainali and Shweta Tiwari

In an interview, actor Nikhil Upreti, has told that it was not only Sanchita Luitel he had affair with. Nikhil’s first marriage with Kopila Upreti was also a love marriage. After that he had affairs with different actresses. With Sanchita, he couldn’t leave her and married. In addition to talking about his affair, Nikhil has also talked about his relationship with actress Rekha Thapa. Watch a video report on the issue before continuing about the details on the affairs.

He revealed that the rumour of affair between Nikhil and Sajja Mainali was in news. Now, Sajja is married and living with her family in the USA. Actress Sajja, the daughter of the comedy actor Gopal Raj Mainali, had married Omraj Bhattarai in 2006 (details in
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Nepali movie – Manish

Nepali Movie – Manish
StarringBhuwan KC, Mithila Sharma, Nikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Ramit Dhungana, Sunil Dutta, Bipana Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Sajja Mainali, Siru Bista, Sushil Pokharel etc.
Writer / DirectorShiva Regmi

Watch full Nepali movie ‘Manish’ here:

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Nepali Movie – Naam Ke Ho

Nepali Movie – Naam Ke Ho
StarringBiren Shrestha, Sajja Mainali, Santosh Gurung, Mohan Niraula, Laba Sharma, Bhuwan Chand, Gopal Bhutani, Laba Sharma etc.
Director – JB Rai

Full movie in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Mayako Jaal

Nepali Movie – Mayako Jaal
StarringRamesh Upreti, Melina Manandhar, Nikhil Upreti, Sajja Mainali, Aasha Thapa, Mithila Sharma, Rajendra Maharjan,  etc.
Director – Anil Pandey

The movie ‘Mayako Jaal’ is a presentation of Rajendra Maharjan for a joint production of Devi Mahalaxmi Films and Dimple Films. Jagat Rajthala is featured in guest role. Sharmila Gurung, Dibosh Adhikari and Palas Shrestha are the child artists in the movie. Lyrics are written by Raman Ghimire, singers are Udit Narayan Jha, Deepa Jha, Babul Supriyo, Sadhana Sargam and Purnima. Editing by Kirti Janardan Joshi, action by NB Maharjan, choreography by Shanta Nepali / Kamal Rai, cinematography by Chandra Prakash Ghimire, music by Shakti Ballav, produced by Jagat Rajthala, and executive producer BB Lama. Film production team has thanked Anju Deuja, Kaji Ramtel, Kumar Chaulagain, Saugat Malla, and Manoj KC for their voices in the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Sabadhan

Nepali Movie – Sabadhan
StarringNikhil Upreti, Sajja Mainali, Santosh Pant, Mithila Sharma, Gopal Raj Mainali, Kiran KC, Shovit Basnet, Mukunda Thapa, Mahadev Tripathi, Niruta Singh, Priya Rijal, Sushil Pokharel etc.
DirectorDinesh DC

The Nepali movie ‘Sabadhan’ is a presentation of United Dreams features Nikhil Upreti and Sajja Mainali in leading roles. Guest artists in the movie are Niruta Singh, Priya Rijal and Sushil Pokharel. Actor Nikhil Upreti has also written the story of the movie. The movie features the lyrics by Pramod Dhungana / Suresh Adhikari, still photography by Shiva Thapa, field sound by Sagar Ghimire, make up by Shambha D Patel, costume by Jiwan Pokharel, background music by Sanjaya Shrestha, editing by Tara Thapa / Banish Shah, cinematography by Dirgha Gurung, choreography by Basanta Shrestha / Gajit Bista, visual effect by Kapal Parajuli, music by Suresh Adhikari, action by NB Maharjan, and the script by the director Dinesh DC. The singers in the movie are Udit Narayan Jha, Deepa Jha, Dinesh DC, Suresh Adhikari and James Pradhan

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Nepali Movie – Manko Tukra

Nepali Film – Manko Tukra
Starring, Uttam Pradhan, Puja Chand, Sajja Mainali, Harihar Sharma, Laxmi Giri etc
Director – Bijay Ratna Tuladhar

A presentation of Pusparaj Upreti for Himalaya Prativa Samgam Cine, Nepali film ‘Manko Tukra’ is a story of parent’s love to their children. Ganesh Lama, Umesh Mayalu, CP Poudel and Uddav Bhattarai are featured in the film in guest roles. The film is made on the story of Deepak Parikoti, script/dialogue of Sajal Gautam, choreography of Basantajung Rayamajhi, action of Yogendra Shrestha, editing of Anil Gautam, cinematography of Javed Shah / Dik Khadka, and music of Agistina Lepcha.

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Nepali Movie – Goreto

Nepali Film – Goreto
Starring, Sajja Mainali, Rekha Thapa, Yubaraj Lama, Ramchandra Adhikari etc.
Director – Yubaraj Lama

‘Goreto’ is a presentation of Tripurasundari Cine Arts featuring Rajesh Hamal with Rekha Thapa and Sajja Mainali. The hit movie features background music of Sanjaya Shrestha, music of Sambhuit Baskota, story by Yubaraj Lama, script/dialogue by Suraj Subba, choreography of Kamal Rai/Alka Shrestha, action of Rajendra Khadgi, camera of Deepak Bantawa. The movie is produced by Yubaraj Lama.

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Nepali Movie – Yestai Hunchha Pirati

Nepali Movie – Yestai Hunchha Pirati
Starring – Shree Krishna Shrestha, Melina Manandhar, Shyam Shrestha, Sajja Mainali, Laxman Jung Thapa, Bishow Basnet, Krishna Malla, Mukunda Shrestha, Ramesh Budhathoki, Gopal Raj Mainali, Khem Sharma etc.
Director – Sagar Dhungel

‘Yestai Hunchha Pirati’ is the debut movie of Sajja Mainali, daughter of popular comedy actor Gopal Raj Mainali. Laxman Jung Thapa was also introduced in the movie. The story of the movie is written by Bishal Pokharel. The movie is presented by Sagar Dhungel for Devashram Films.

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Nepali Movie – Prem Yuddha

Nepali Movie – Prem Yoddha
Starring – Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sanchita Luitel, Sajja Mainali, Bikranta Basnet, Subhadra Adhikari, Jitu Nepal etc.
Director – Suchitra Shrestha

“Prem Yoddha” is the first presentation of Sagarmatha Films Production

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Nepali Movie – Aama Ko Kakh

Nepali Film – Aama ko Kakha
StarringRajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Niruta Singh, Tripti Nadkar, Sajja Mainali, Biren Shrestha etc.
Story and Direction – Bijaya Kerung

A presentation of SG Films in association with Shree Sai Gayatri Films and presentation of Gayatri Bhutiya.

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Rekha Thapa terms Naresh Poudel her Godfather, sorry Chhabi!

We believed Rekha Thapa‘s ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha was her godfather in the Nepali movie industry. But, there is no point in thinking otherwise if Rekha herself tells that Naresh Poudel is the godfather instead. 

We went through her love story with Chhabi Raj Ojha in which Chhabi was the one who saw Rekha’s photo while Naresh was accompanying him to meet actress Sajja Mainali.

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