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This page is created to post Newari Movies.

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Here, you will find a collection of Nepal Bhasa movies. Some are really short movies and others are long.

Changu Lidhasa Madugu Jusa
Starring – Suresh Shahi, Shrijana Maharjan, Gyanendra, Rabi, Priti KC etc.
Newari Movie - Changu Lidhasa Madugu Jusa

Maya Re Ratna (with English Sub-titles) Added on Feb. 11, 2011


Lwaka Buka


Mijaan (मिज) – With English Subtitles


Bajyaya Gwaa (बाज्याया ग्वाय)

Bajyaya Gwaa

Bara Si (बाह्र सी)


Nhyakaa (न्हायकं)


Love Marriage -(with Nepali subtitles)

Satya Dharodharma – (with Nepali subtitles)


Tutaa (with English subtitles)


Tirimirijhayan – A funny Newari movie


Newari Jokes collection

Sunaa and Su He (two short comedy scenes)

su-he - suna

Coming soon – Ramayan, Ohee, Laaa, Khaksi, Maha Dhya etc.





Simple Newari words for those who don’t know Newari:

hello ज्वजलपा jwajalapaa
Whats up? छु दु? chhu du?
yes ख: kha
no मखु makhu
I do not understand जिं मथु jin mathu
I do not know Nepal Bhasa जित नेपाल भाय मव jita nepaala bhaaya mawa
Do you know Nepal Bhasa? छित नेपाल भाय व:? chhita nepaala bhaaya wa?
Happy New Year न्हुगु दंया भिन्तुना nhugu dan yaa bhintunaa
Where is the bathroom? चबी गन दु थें? chabee gana du then?
Thank you सुभाय् subhaay
Welcome लसकुस lasakusa
Help ग्वाली gwaalee
Good Morning भीं सुथ bheen sutha
Good Night भीं बहनी bheen bahanee

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  1. should update frequently people like to watch new newari movies. specially those who can pay but cant get it for watch so try to put more newari movies.

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