Nirmala Panta case, official Government Report released after public demand

The full report of the case of Nirmala Case in Kanchanpur has been released by the government after much protest against the government all over the country. It is a sad truth that the government took such a long time to release the report of public inquiry.

The report points to a very serious shortcomings of the police officers. The police had been very bad in treating with the public and it seems the police was involved in the incident. The report hasn’t identified the culprit and it has recommended further investigation into the matter.

Earlier, actress Rekha Thapa had participated in the protest rally to pressurize the government to take action against the culprit. The case has gained so much publicity that the government and all the local bodies are under pressure to take action. In the desperate attempt the police had forced locals to falsely admit crime. The DNA test and other investigation has proved the police force forcing innocent to admit the crime.

Video report (being uploaded):

Full Report in Nepali language can be downloaded from the following link:

Rekha Thapa’s statement during the protest in Kathmandu:

Can you guess who might be responsible for the crime. The case has caused the disruption of the lives of a lot of people and the way the government and the police deals with such cases. The police had a conception that they can do whatever they like to do and they can get away with their incompetency. But Nirmala’s case has gained so much momentum that almost all the high ranking police officers in the area have already been punished and investigation is still going on. In addition to being partner in crime, the police force has shown a height of carelessness and irresponsible behaviour. The government, despite of being a 2/3rd majority, has also found itself in trouble because of the case. Let’s home the criminal is arrested soon and similar crimes are reduced in the coming days.

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