One-legged farmer, mason, carpenter …

narsingh_bhandariThe guy, Narsingh Bhandari Magar (right) doesn’t even know what this sign (left) means. But, he has lost one of his leg in childhood and has trained himself to earn his living, better than not so disabled people.

A teacher, Dal Bahadur Gurung of Dovan M.V. School in Dovan village of Palpa, Ghodebas  in Western Nepal, was extremely surprised by the way Narsingh did his daily chores. With Gurung’s effort a documentary is prepared on Narsingh’s life and is being screened in various parts of Nepal.

Narsingh doesn’t need  any support to do his daily jobs, not even a walking stick. His jobs are anything from cutting grass for his cattle, plough field with traditional halo (Narsingh is carrying one in photo), cross rivers, climb trees, and occasionally work as carpenter and mason. He can even dance on his one leg.

Narsingh is a real-life example to encourage people on dedication to work and not to dwell upon their shortcomings.

(Source in Nepali)

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  1. Hi, I would like to watch that documentary. I am also a filmmaker and a person with a disability. Please let me know how I can get a copy of that film, and how I can contact Narsingh Bhandari. My telephone is 9848514940. I live in Kailali but frequently travel to Kathmandu.


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