Poudel defeated 14th time – sole candidate refuses to give-up

ramchandra-poudelThe politics in Nepal doesn’t make sense at all!

There is a single candidate who won’t win and won’t give-up the election. The top leader of Nepali Congress, Ram Chandra Poudel, was defeated for the 14th time in an election held at the parliament on Friday.

Poudel is alone in the race for the post of Prime Minister. Ram Chandra Poudel was left alone in the race when Maoist Chairman, Puspa Kamal Dahal, withdrew his candidacy after realizing the infinite loop the election has fallen into. Poudel is trying to cash in the ‘opportunity’ by not-giving-up the race, that he
is never going to win. In the election vote for Poudel were 96 and 2 were casted against him. Next election will be held after three days.

It is everybody’s guess that the shameful bargaining tactics being practiced by the leaders will have a long-term impact on their political character.

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