Rameshore Prasad Khanal asks to take action against corruption

rameshowr-khanal In a Facebook note by recently resigned Finance Secretary, Rameshore Khanal, calls for action action corruption. He says, corruption being disease like cancer, is one of the major hindrance of economic growth of the country. He requests everybody to stop giving bribes or commissions, starting Baisakh 1, 2068 and start doing fair businesses. (I have copied and pasted the whole article for everybody to read below)

Nobody can deny that corruption is one of the major problem in Nepal. It is a one of the most dangerous disease that is crippling the country. But, stopping corruption is easier said than done. One person can’t do it and nobody can persuade everybody to stop corruption. A general citizen may be motivated not to give/take bribes but a private business only understands the language of money (after all, their very existence is based on profit they make.) Not bribing means less profit in the short term.

With due respect, I commented in the note of Mr. Khanal that the suggestion is "not practical".

Yes, we can’t eradicate corruption in days or months. It needs a better planning and long-term strategy. One of the indirect method I propose is to start a better taxation system. Please read the note of Rameshore Khanal and comment.

Come, let us begin a positive social movement!

We have always been good at calling and enforcing public strikes. We closed Nepal, famously known as Nepal Bandh. We closed offices. We closed factories and businesses. We picketed Simhadurbar. We had some successes; there have been miseries, too.

Now, let us do something different. Something new. Something of similar nature but with a different motive and only for success, not for misery of any sort to anyone. Let us begin this as a new year 2068 promise. Let us do it just for a week just as we had week-long Bandh. If it gives us happiness and pride then let us add one more day and so on. Let us see how long can we go. We try this several times over the next few months and years maybe and, aim for making it a habit.

Corruption is a cancer in our society. It is keeping our economic growth potentials suppressed. It is creating an economic divide in our country. It is defaming our motherland’s name in the eyes of international community. It is leading us to severely compromise on our national interests globally. It is a pain to anyone who wants to do fair business in Nepal. It is not only in government system, it is everywhere.

From Baisakh 1, 2068, let us stop giving bribes or commissions, or partaking business profits or anything of that nature to public officials in ALL DISTRICTS of Nepal. If we do not GIVE, what will the TAKERS do? They cannot TAKE. They cannot seize from us. We may not get services. Fine. After all, during Bandhs, we denied ourselves of those services. We, therefore, can. Let us stop doing things that are detrimental to the interest of the society we are in, those that need to be done secretly and cannot be spoken about freely. Let us all pay taxes honestly during this period of unique Bandh. Let us do fair business. Let us be honest in our financial dealings anywhere, anyplace.

Let us all come forward. Let us not have leaders and followers for this. In this movement, all of us will be leaders. All of us will be followers. Let us all participate. This movement will not require any money. we do it from wherever we are. This needs "voice", which is freely available. Those without voice can use gestures. This also needs "willpower", we have proved time and again that we have no limit to willpower. Let us make it totally violence-free.

This will be a finest new year gift to our motherland, to our beloved Nepal Aama. Our posterity will read history books with much happiness about this and feel proud of their ancestors hundred years later. They will remember year 2068 as a special year. Nepalis living abroad can proudly call Nepal their home country. We can all be proud of.

Happy new year 2068. Sadachar Ka Lagi Satyagraha Saptaha 2068.

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