Rekha Thapa would have been an air hostess if not an actress

rekha thapa-actress In an interview with Nayapatrika, Rekha Thapa told that she would have been an air hostess if she were not an actress.

Rekha told that she had two offers on the same day – offer to act and to become Air Hostess. Rekha was more interested in acting so she couldn’t turn down Chabbi Ojha, her husband now, to act in a movie. It was not only her interest. Rekha’s father was also a fan of Indian actress Rekha – and hence her name after the Indian superstar. He father wanted Rekha to act in movies but her father wanted her to become air hostess. Finally, her father won the debate.

Rekha told that she was a very good dancer when she was young. Dancing was her passion and she had always wanted to be an actress in movies.

The top actress in Nepali cinema, Rekha Thapa, has been in news for some time with her controversial sayings about her marriage and her movie promotional stunts like talking about mini-skirts and controversial yellow dress in her latest movie Hifajat.

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