Short Nepali Movies

For those who don’t have the time and patience to watch the full movies, we have collected some short Nepali movies.

The criteria required to be featured here are:

  • The movie should not be longer than 30 minutes.
  • The video should have a plot, that makes sense. It shouldn’t be a documentary.

NOTE – As these films are cramped in a short duration, it might not be easy to comprehend the meanings. Please note that most of these movies are produced by non-professionals and with limited resources (we can’t discount some exceptions though).

Short movies are usually sandbox or an stepping stone for the major projects or movies. So, these creative makers should be appreciated and encouraged for the better future of Nepali movie making. Thank you for appreciating these film makers!

Mars and Venus
A short film by the makers of Maya Prem and Code Changa
Duration: 10:10
Starring – Rajani Aryal and Amit Aryal

Maya Prem
A short movie of duration 09:40

Ke Chha Kasto Chha? [14.13 min]

Urban Crime (street crime 12:22 + 12:17) and Tapasya ko Pida (6:33)

Lust [22 min] the Best Film Award at the BUDS Film Fiesta
Starring – Manisha Bista and Pawan Jha

Facebooked [10.54 min]

Code Changa (Starring – Raisha Mishra, Amit Aryal, Nitesh Mishra, Sagun Chhetri, Anjana Dhakal, Amit Acharya, Prajinna Raj Baniya) [8.02 min]

Two short films
Following Dream (Starring – Deepa Ghimire and Ribesh Poudel) [5.40 min]
The Apartment (Starring – Supath Sitaula and Sanchita Silwal Sitaula) [7.16 min]

Weekend Brunch (Starring – Kamal, Shambhu, Suraz, Rozan, Prazwal and Laxman)[9.40+9.40 min]

Home (Starring – Umesh Thapa, Leeza Sharma )[7.36 min]
Featured in Fargo Film Festival and Freerange Film Festival in 2004

Chaha (Starring – Pankaj Nakarmi) [5.40min]

Sorry Elisa (Starring- Bishal Subedi and Ranjana Dhakal)[3.09]

MoMo (Starring – Kamal, Shambhu, Suraz, Rozan, Prazwal and Laxman) []

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