Supriya Shrestha at Miss Earth 2021

Miss Nepal Earth 2020 Supriya Shrestha is participating virtually in the 2021 edition of Miss Earth to be held on November 21, 2021. Supriya is working on stone sprouts (Dhunge Dhara) conservation works.

A glimpse of her introduction video is presented in the following video:

And for the National Costume completion of Miss Earth from Nepal – the costume is titled “Strong Women, Stronger Country”. Full details of the costume is shared by Supriya herself in her social media as:

“The costume expresses itself without the virtue of words; The color crimson portrays the patriotism, bravery and blood shedded by our brave Gurkhas. Every accessory detailed and laced with over the costume has been manufactured with easily and locally available materials making it eco-friendly. The silhouette is sketched with three bold colors- red,green and gold. Highlighting the strength of Nepali women coming from all walks of life and diverse areas of our country, every ornaments has been handcrafted by local women of Basantapur which makes sustainable enriched with enthical culture and religions of Nepal along with slight modern touch . With the intact vision to keep culture alive, team Euphoria Nepal used typical accessories which are “asarfi/ paisa mala”, “kantha mala” handcrafted with mud and clay making it eco friendly because of its bio degradable nature. Along with that several rings ,bulaki, fuli, dhungri, airfoil and haru as head gears have been used in our national costume all coming together to represent the strength and diversity of Nepal.”

A day before the competition Supriya wrote:

“December 06, 2020-The day I became Miss Nepal Earth 2020, the day the dream of a young girl became the responsibility of a woman. Then and there I decided that I will do whatever is in my hands to make Nepal proud in international arena. Days passed by and so did our preparations, through thick and thin, the vision on being on the international arena with amazing women from all over the world as I would walk on the stage when I’d be called not as “Supriya Shrestha” but “NEPAL” never left my mind.”

About the competition, she had prepared for an actual competition but, the organizers decided to to it online. In addition to that the date was also changed to an earlier date. Supriya’s response to that is, “life doesn’t always go the way we want. Despite of having everything on board, the moment I came to know that the pageant date has been preponed and virtual, I was shaken to my core, never in my life I had felt so low and helpless against the will of life.”

She says, “This is the first time Nepal is participating in a virtual pageant and it was completely new to us and thus, the challenge has been even bigger with having to do everything in a way we have never done before. I’ll never be able to recover from the heartache of the “could haves” , “would haves” and “why me” , but when I say I love you NEPAL I truly mean it. I am sorry if I have disappointed you in any way, but I did what I could and even after whatever happens tomorrow I will continue to do for my country and the environment.”

All the best to Supriya for the competition!!

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