Sushma Karki talks about swimsuit photoshoot, marriage, and Salman Khan meeting

Actress Sushma Karki is not active in the Nepali film industry these days. She says that she is busy in stage shows in foreign countries.

Sushma says, “I am born for controversy. So, I don’t mind controversial news.” She gave the examples of controversial news when she met Bollywood actor Salman Khan and even the swimsuit photo she took in a five star hotel in Kathmandu. She was referring to the news reports about the selfie photo Sushma Karki shared when she met Bollywood star Salman Khan. The photo had gone viral over social media and was also talked about in media.

The latest interview of Sushma Karki:

About her marriage, Sushma told that she hasn’t met anybody to get married yet. She had a couple of unsuccessful affairs in the past. She had lived with them in liv-in relationship. But, after the break ups, there are no reports of her affairs.

How did Sushma met Salman Khan?

Skip to 9:00 in the video above to listen to what Sushma has to say about the meeting.

Sushma refused to tell about the contest or the event in which she met Salman Khan. Sushma tried her best not to talk about what she talked about when she met Salman Khan. She tried to create a suspense about if she is working with the Bollywood actor in future. It is likely that she met and took photo with the actor as any other Salman fan does and there is nothing more.

About Richa Sharma and ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ team scandal

Sushma didn’t want to talk about the scandal. She tells that she likes both parties. She says Richa Sharma is a good actress and she also likes both Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula.

My personal comment – Sushma Karki is not a fluent talker. She doesn’t have a clear answer to most of the questions and she is not good at grasping the opportunity to tell about herself.

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