Musical instruments in Panche Baja and Naumati Baja – traditional Nepali music

Panche Baja (literally – five musical instruments) is a group of five traditional musical instruments played in Nepal during certain auspicious occasions like marriages. A small band of five people (traditionally, called Damahi) can form the musical band to perform in such occasions. The five instruments are:

  • Dholaki (Two sided drum, similar to Madal)
  • Tyamko (small kettle drum)
  • Damaha or Nagara (kettle drum)
  • Sahanai (a short pipe instrument) and
  • Jhurma or jhyali (cymbals)


Panche Baja – the five musical instruments – Dholki (Top left), Tyamko (Top right), Damaha (Bottom left), Sahanai (Bottom center), Jhyali (Bottom right)

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