Dirty politics – Constituent Assembly membership sold for 1.6m per year

sale of ca member in nepal It was an open truth that the political parties had made the Constituent Assembly (CA)a very profitable business with the seats on sale during the 2008 election. The one who pays the most got the ticket in the poll and others "purchased" the nomination seats later. At least a dozen businessmen had managed to get in the CA to do their business there.

An example on how those people could get the ticket from the political parties surfaced when one of the CA member refused to pay the agreed sum to one of the political parties.

The CA member representing Nepal Janta Dal, Prof. Dr. Bishwanath Prasad Agrawal had agreed to pay 91% of all the remuneration and bonus received from the CA to the party. Apart from that, he had also agreed to pay the party Rs. 1 million every year. Nayapatrika has published the agreement document (attached) between the party and Agrawal. The party president of Janta Dal, Haricharan Sah released the agreement letter after the relationship between Sah and Agrawal became sour.

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