Sad story of Kanchan Sharma Regmi, Karishma Manandhar offers sympathy (video update)

UPDATE: Sagar Regmi, the son of Kanchan Sharma Regmi told that the mother had left them not the other way around.

An interview was telecasted on Kantipur TV a few days ago. The guest to ‘Suman Sanga’ a program run by Suman Kharel, a noted BBC Nepali Sewa journalist, was an unknown woman Kanchan Sharma Regmi. Because of the extremely sad story of her life, Kanchan became an overnight celebrity. She told that she was kicked out by her husband and two grown up sons to the street. She told that she lived in the street for 7 years until a social worker found her and gave a shelter.

The story was painful to many. Actress Karishma Manandhar was so troubled by the story that she woke up at the night and shared her thoughts in Facebook (attached).

Video report:


Who is right Kanchan or her husband?

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