The identity of Baboo Bogati’s wife revealed

The singer and actor of ‘Biteka Pal’, a movie currently running in theater, has failed to keep the information about his wife’s identity a secret. Baboo Bogati had secretly married in October of 2013 and had kept the identity of his wife a secret. According to a latest rumor, his wife is Phoolu Mizzar. Originally from Jhapa, Phoolu currently lives in the Columbus, USA.

Phoolu had shared the following photo of her marriage on October 25, 2013 – right after Baboo’s marriage.

phoolu mizar

At the time when he got married, Baboo had avoided the question about his wife. He had told that marriage is not a public affair and he wanted to keep his private life private. But the truth is, matters related to the lives of public personalities can rarely be kept secret.

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