Top 10 Best Flag Designs, Nepal should have been one of them

In 2007, a website named Yard Flags has a collection of 10 best flags design from around the world. The top 10 list had missed the unique Nepali flag. Now, after 9 years, I saw that the website has gone offline. It was an interesting post so I am updating this post with the missing flags and a video report.

At that time, I had wanted tell the site admin about the uniqueness of Nepali flag and why it deserves to be on the top list. The site required to register before I could write a comment. So, I wrote a blog post to send a trackback. I wrote, “I believe the Number One design is Nepali flag.”

The reason Nepali flag should have been one of the top is because of it’s unique shape. No other flags in the world are shaped like a Nepali flag. All the flags in the world are rectangular in shape and Nepali flag is the only flag with two triangles. The flag is painted with red color in the inside and a blue border. The the shapes of moon on the upper triangle and the sun in the lower triangle are coloured in white.

Nepal Flag

Here is the “Top 10” list from this page.

10. Plenty of world flags contain dragons, but none quite as cool as the small Himalayan nation of Bhutan.

9 ) The flag of Toronto has a pleasing 1970-s style minimalism to it. Looks as if the Canadian flag has fallen down a gap in the giant T.

8 ) The only U.S. flag on the list, this is the famous Gadsden flag. America’s first Marines carried this into battle against the British in 1775.

7 ) Ah, the Holy Roman Empire. It might look as if they’ve placed a mirror down the middle of a normal German flag to produce a Rorschach inkblot test but instead this formed the basis for most German flags for centuries afterwards.

6 ) Kyrgyzstan’s Golden Volleyball flag. Are they any good at the sport? Hard to tell but, they’ve blazoned a 24-carat volleyball on their national flag.

5 ) The North Caucasian Emirate only lasted for three years (1918-1921) but its the only flag in the world with a child’s smiley face drawn from Islamic symbols. Very Cheery!

4 ) The Canadian province of Nunavut has a simple, friendly design. Is it a sword? A pile of rocks? An altar? Its hard to tell, but its a cool flag.

3 ) Everyone remembers Sicily’s number one export from “The Godfather” but I bet you can’t find a single person who knows that this is Sicily’s flag or (even more difficult) what it means. A head with three rotating legs? Still, its funny.

2 ) The flag of Argentina is probably the most cheery flag in the world. It has a relaxing color scheme and a smiling sun. Makes me feel better already!

1 ) The best flag in the world comes from the Russian province of Yaroslavl Oblast. Its a bear with an axe. What more do you want?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Flag Designs, Nepal should have been one of them

  1. The flag of Nunavut has an Inukshuk on it, symbolic of the native Inuit and is a guidepost to rich hunting grounds. The colours Blue and gold Symbolizes the riches of the land, while the red of the inukshuk is a refrence to canada.
    The star is the north star.

  2. esto esta mal, la bandera mas bonita del mundo, el mejor diseño y demas es la banderaq de mexico simplemente vean su escuedo

    this ranking are bad the best flag of the wolrd is the mexican flag

  3. I agree with you. Flag of Nepal is one of the most unique flags in the world with its unique shape, colors and symbols on it. I am not saying that because I am from Nepal, but this is exceptionally pretty.So, It should be in top 10 lists

  4. Yard Flags has absolutely NO CLUE as to what is a good flag or a bad flag. A flag is a piece of cloth that is meant to be flown in the wind…proudly. A flag is DEFINITELY NOT (and this is what most Americans believe) a good-looking graphic design. I also believe that the flag of Nepal is one of the best flags in the world. It looks good, the symbol’s aren’t too complicated, it is unique, and everything on the flag has symbolism. In my opinion, this would probably be on my top ten list.

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