The stupidest mistake in my life

signaling-driverIt was the time I started riding my scooter and I did not knew much of the street rules. It was the time, I didn’t even know I had flat tire and somebody else has to tell me about it. You can call me ’empty head.’ But, that was what I was in the beginning years of my scooter ride.

I am talking about an incident of the year 2004. I think, I was on the Lainchour area, when a micro-bus driver made a gesture with his five finger open and close twice and fast.

Okay, I have to admit it now, I misunderstood that gesture. Before I could even give him a damn look, he was off on the road. But, I didn’t want to let him go without teaching him a good lesson. So, I followed him as the it was going in the direction of my office.

At around Jamal area, near the Nabil Bank, the same micro-bus was stopped to let passenger get on it. When, I was close the the vehicle, the micro-bus driver made the same gesture, again. He opened and closed his five finger twice and fast!

When, I was close to the window of that the driver, I spit my mouth-full of saliva on his face and then ran as fast as I could. I was very happy for the revenge I got from the misbehaving microbus driver.

But, the happiness didn’t last more than 5 minutes. When I was making turns to get in to my office, another guy, about to leave the parking area, made the same gesture. Now, something strike in my mind that the gesture means something other than teasing a lady on wheel. It was only when I looked in front of my scooter, I found the answer.

My headlight was on!

Now I realize, that was what the driver had been trying to tell me more than once. I felt terrible after knowing about my mistake. I deserve a punishment from that micro-bus driver!

I don’t know how to find that driver. I wouldn’t even know him if he appears in front me as, I never saw his face clearly. But, whoever he is, I would like to offer my sorry to him for the stupidest mistake I have ever made in my life.

I am really sorry !

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