US Bangla plane crash – Who were in the plane? (full name list)

The aircraft arriving from Bangaladesh to Kathmandu had met with an accident in Kathmandu airport.

14 of the passengers were to-be-doctors who had completed their final exam and were returning home from their colleges.

Those Nepali medical students were going to Nepal on a two-month vacation on the completion of their MBBS final examination, at Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital. They were the 19th batch students of the medical college.

Here is the list of 14 students but, what happened to them is not known:

  • Sanjay Poudel
  • Sanjaya Maharjan
  • Neega Maharjan
  • Anjila Shrestha
  • Purnima Lohani
  • Shweta Thapa
  • Meeli Maharjan
  • Saruna Shrestha
  • Algina Baral
  • Charu Baral
  • Samira Byanjankar
  • Ashna Shakya
  • Princy Dhami
  • Shriya Jha

The US Bangla aircraft had slipped out of the airport.

There were 71 people abroad. Out of them, only 14 people were rescued alive. 24 people died at the airport and 9 others died in different hospitals in Kathmandu.

Here is the full list of passengers:

Passengers – 67
Crew Members – 4

Male (Passengers) – 37
Female (Passengers) – 28
Children – 2

– Nepali passengers – 33
– Bangladeshi passengers – 33
– Chinese – 1

49 dead, 21 being treated in various hospitals.

14 of the passengers were from travel industry who had gone to Bangladesh on the invitation of the new company’s new flight to the country: Attached is the photo taken from Sajana Devkota’s page (credit Pahilopost), Sajana herself died in the plane crash along with two others. Nine out of 12 from the group are fighting for their lives. Two other who are confirmed dead include Harishankar Poudel and Prabin Chitrakar.

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7.8 magnitude earthquake in Kathmandu (video)

There are conflicting reports of the magnitude of earthquake but, it is a very strong one. Most of the structures in Kathmandu have sustained damage by the earthquake. (UPDATE – The earthquake magnitude is 7.8 in Richter scale with huge amount of causality.)


People are warned to stay outdoors and remain calm as there might be more aftershocks. In a report, a 6.6-magnitude aftershock hit was hit after about an hour after the earthquake.

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Shah Rukh Khan arrives in Kathmandu

UPDATE: Although there was a press meet organized at the event, journalists were only allowed to ask two questions. In the meet, he remembered his last visit of Nepal, some 15/16 years ago. Previously Shah Rukh had planned to visit Nepal on Sunday, but because of the Turkish Airlines accident, his visit was delayed a day and he arrived on Monday. Khan inaugurated a environment friendly Facebook page of Nerolac paints, "You Can" and told that the five best plant-pot designed out of Nerolac paint cans will be awarded. *original post follows*:

Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan, has arrived in Kathmandu on March 9, 2015 at around 3:30 PM. Khan flew in his private jet to attend an event by Kansai Paints at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Khan is planning to return back to India after the event.

The tweet of Shah Rukh about his arrival in Kathmandu had received thousands of re-tweets.

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Sunny Leone in Kathamndu to participate in EO meet

UPDATE: Sunny has stated, “Love it here in Nepal! So relaxing and enlightening to learn about this culture and city!” She went to Swyambhunath Temple and shared some photos of her visit.

* Previous post continues (new photos at the end of the post) *

‘Ragini MMS 2’ star and Canadin adult actress Sunny Leone has arrived in Kathmandu on a personal visit. In an unconfirmed report, Sunny was invited by some young entrepreneurs. After debuting in ‘Jism 2’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’ is Sunny’s third Hindi movie.

Hours before she landed in Kathmandu airport, Sunny had tweeted her plan to visit the city. After landing, she directly went to a suite booked at Soltae Hotel. She was invited to the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Nepal Chapter meeting held in the Hotel.

Sunny is planning to visit the touristic attraction places in Kathmandu and return back to Mumbai on Monday.

More photo updates (March 24, 2014):

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NEFTA Award – Aryan Sigdel and Richa Sharma awarded best actors, Kathmandu declared the best movie

In the film award ceremony held in Malaysia, actor Aryan Sigdel won the best actor award from the movie ‘Mero Love Story’. In actress category, the best actress award was awarded to Richa Sharma from the same movie. The best movie award and the best director award was awarded to ‘Kathmandu’ and it’s director Aakash Adhikari respectively.

Actor Nir Shah was honored by ‘Abhinaya Shiromani’ award in the event.

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Movie Review – Kathmandu


Thousands of people enter Kathmandu, the capital, from different parts of Nepal for the search of opportunities and fulfill their dreams. At the same time, many leave to tend their wounds when their dreams get shattered. Akash Adhikari’s movie, "Kathmandu", released today in Kathmandu, the city, is based on such types of different dreams, different problems, and varieties of people.


The movie, "Kathmandu", is made on the story a character, Aryan Rana (played by Akash Adhikari) who comes back to Nepal from USA after completing his study of film making. He competes in Nepal to get an opportunity to make movie and during his struggle, he faces different problems, typical of Kathmandu. Although he tries to fight with every problems, a problems in his family forced him to return back to the USA.  Apart from the family problem, "Kathmandu" tries to portrays problems in teens caused by the misunderstanding between their parents. Drugs abuse in teens and problems in them caused by the carelessness of their parents. The movie also deals with the problems of street children, problems of youth, unemployment, negligence of the government, the games played by politicians, and girls being exploited to make indecent movies.

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Street patrolling cows in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

It is strange, how come cows are roaming around in the roads of capital city. Due to traffic congestion, there are various restrictions for some vehicles in many roads (some vehicles that are restricted are – Chinese tractor, hand driven cargo carts, diesel auto-rickshaw, pedal driven rickshaw, big trucks, buses and so on).

But, cows are free to roam around without any restrictions.

Balkrishna Dahal took some photos to show some examples of how the cows roam around the city – unrestricted. There isn’t any statistics on how many accidents have occurred due to the presence of animal on the road. But, it should be something the authorities should be concerned about.

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Earthquake in Nepal that killed 5 people – Is the epicenter in Sikkim?

Condolence to the 5 people killed in today’s earthquake and wish for speedy recovery of the 27 injured persons.

The epicenter of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake is told to be in Sikkim, India. But in the map it is shown within the border of Nepal.

Rescue workers at the site of the fallen British Embassy wall. Three people were killed at the site.

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22 Dhara-sculptures in Balaju Park, Kathmandu

When I was a little, we used to go to Balaju Water Garde park to bath. The Balaju Water Garden is known for its 22 stone waterspouts (hiti) carved in the shape of sea-dragons. The artistically designed traditional taps 22 Dhara (means 22 tap in Nepali) were fed by the Nagarjun Hill watershed, located in about five-kilometer northwest of Kathmandu City. But, due to urbanization and higher water demand in the valley, the taps are empty these days.

Now, these are only the beautiful sculptures – that are of no use.

The park also houses religious shrines, fishponds, and a replica of the statue of Budha
nilkantha. The swimming pool located inside the park is one of the few swimming public pools in Kathmandu.

What are footpath for? To park cars!

Don’t let the "Indian Terrain" fool you, it’s not India. It is the photo by the side of the road in capital while going from Kamaladi to Putalisadak.

If you think footpaths are for pedestrian, think again! Here is another example to prove the footpath are made wheelpath in Nepal. The white car is blissfully parked on the footpath!

Photo credits: Kishore Pahadi

TaTa Nano in Nepal for Nano Yatra campaign

The car considered to be the cheapest in the world, Nano, will be available for purchase in Nepal after two months. Sipradi Trading, the authorized distributor of Tata vehicles in Nepal, unveiled the two Nano cars to be used for Nano Yatra Nepal campaign.

In the 35 days Nano Yatra Nepal campaign, the car will be driven an approximate length of 10,000 km covering different parts of Nepal. After the completion of the first campaign, another campaign is planned to complete 35,000 km covering almost every parts of the country.

Sipradi is planning to sell three variants of the car – Nano, Nano CX and Nano LX. Nano, the basic model, and Nano LX, the luxury model,
will be available in three colors, and the intermediate model, Nano CX, will be available in five colors.

Features available in the three models are:

Nano digital fuel gauge, front room lamp, integrated front seat headrest, sun-visor, driver seat with slider and recliner, front assist grips, fuel indicator lamps, temperature buzzer, and rear seat belts
Nano CX (All above)+ cooling system, integrated rear seat head rest, co-driver seat with slider and recliner, rear assist grip and booster assisted brakes
Nano LX (All above)+ body colored bumpers and door handles, front fog lamps, rear fog lamps, in
strument cluster with trip meter, power windows, cup holder and central lock with key

Although the retail price of the car is not fixed, the 4 seats model is expected to cost between Rs. 8 lakh to 12 lakh (Is that cheap?).