28 years of Madan Bhandari death, KP Oli statement now and then

The prime minister of Nepal, KP Oli has released a 3-pages long statement on Madan Bhandari. Madan Bhandari and Jibraj Ashrit died in an accident 28 years ago on Jestha 3, 2050 at Dasdhunga, Chitwan.

Right after the accident, CPN (UML) formed an investigation committee headed by KP Oli. The report by the committee had asked the government to do a detailed investigation on the issue. After 22 years, of the incident, KP Oli was appointed the Prime Minister of Nepal in 2072. He didn’t do anything to re-open the case at that time. Now, it is the 3-rd time Oli has been the prime minister of Nepal. Madan Bhandari’s wife, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, is the President of Nepal.

Both Oli and Bhandari have largely ignored the report prepared at that time.

A video report:

KP Oli’s statement (May 17, 2021 – on the 28th remembrance day):
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5 First women of Nepali entertainment industry (First in Nepal)

Here are the first women in Nepali in the entertainment industry – in entertainment industries including film industry & fashion industry.

I should also do similar firsts in sports and media in coming days. Please comment if you know of such information.

First Actress of Nepal – Bhuwan Chand

The first movie featuring a female actress was ‘Aama’ and the first lead actress of the Nepali film industry Bhuwan Chand debuted in the movie. Being an actress in movies was not a reputable profession at that time. The movie was a Nepal government initiation and was made by the technicians from India.
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Oh my, The first, 2019 photo of the Black Hole is actually 55 million years old

I wasn’t going to talk about this Black hole thing until I found out that a lot of people were worried by it’s existence. Yes, the first photo of a black hole, taken in 2019, is as the name suggest – black and hole like. A lot of people are worried to be sucked into one of those black holes.

Yes, they have a very strong gravitational field and once you get in there, there is no way one can get out. But, this worry is unfounded and meritless. Because, the photo shows a black hole that is located 55 million light years away. That means, the light in the photograph had emitted from the black hole some 55 million years ago. It looked like that 55 million years ago.

To give the perspective on the time – 55 million years ago means that was 10 million years after the dinosaurs became extinct. Nobody knows what the black hole looks like now. Because, the light emitted today will reach the earth after 55 million years.

And, this is probably the same thing the ancient text – Shiva Puran tells about – the third eye of Lord Shiva. Birochan Malla explains in Twitter:

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Urban Dictionary website Banned in Nepal

It is a really surprising move by Nepal government – to ban websites in order to “reduce crime.” According to a latest report, educational sites are being banned under the directive of Nepal Government. One of the most surprising ban is the blockage of a dictionary site:

(photo credit – @l0stanzel)

According to an English Daily, ‘The Kathmandu Post’ article, banning sites is a desperate attempt of the government after its, “failure to provide justice to 13-year-old Nirmala Pant despite such social outcry, this banning of porn is merely a liar’s paradox.”

It says, “the blame on pornography instead of accepting its own incompetence and the failure of its justice system is only a veil the government is using to not address many severe underling issues.” (Kathmandu post)

The article says, “Similarly, various studies done among diverse human civilisations has failed to find any precise correlation between digital erotic content and real world sexual violence against women. As the argument goes, much research evidence has revealed that porn actually functions as a ‘safety valve’ for otherwise violent instinct.”

This is not the fist time Nepal government had tried banning websites. In 2010 I did an analysis of sites blocked in Nepal: (read the report)

At that time sites like Huffington post and Blogspot blogs were blocked in Nepal. I had argued at that time that the banning won’t work for some 5 different reasons (read the 5 reasons).

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YouTube trendings Nepali videos – (Bhadragol, Aajkal Ko Love, World Cup 2018)

Top 3 videos trending today are non-nepali video. So, I start from the 4th position.

A web series – “Smart City” – AAjkal Ko Love Ep – 42 is trending in the 4th position in the trending list now.

The series featuring Jibesh, Riyasha is featured in Colleges Nepal channel. The short comedy series features Riyasha Dahal, Jibesh Singh Gurung and Kanchan Khadka in leading role:

Watch the video:

The 5th position trending in the trending list is World Cup 2018 video:

Who won what in Russia 2018?
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Top 10 Classic Nepali movies from Aama to Darpan Chhaya

I have compiled a list of Top 10 old Nepali movies you shouldn’t miss. Clicks on the respective posters lead to the page with full movie. All the movies are available to watch. Half of the top 10 movies in this list are directed by Tulsi Ghimire. Others are directed by Hira Singh Khatri, Sambhu Pradhan, Nir Shah and Yadav Kharel. Five movies directed by Tusli Ghimire, two by Nir Shah and one each by Hira Singh, Sambhu Pradhan and Yadav Kharel.

1. Aama (1964) Directed by Hira Singh Khatri

First ever Nepali movie made in Nepal, by the government of Nepal is a black and white movie.
Starring – Shiva Shanker, Bhuwan Thapa (Bhuwan Chand), Uttam Nepali, Indra Lal Shrestha, Bashundhara Bhusal, Hira Singh Khatri and Hari Prasad Rimal. Watch full movie Aama here.

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Top 10 Nepali music videos – Will Saili break all the records?

Hemanta Rana’s song ‘Saili’ has been a record breaking song in YouTube. The song received a huge amount of views in YouTube despite of being a new channel. The song featuring the music of Kali Prasad Baskota and the lyrics written jointly by Kali Prasad Baskota and Himal Saud is released by GH Entertainment. The GH Entertainment channel only has one more video in its channel – the lyrical version of ‘Saili’.

The song is about a foreign bound Nepali youth who promises to have fun after a certain age.

The song dedicate to the Nepali youths who are selling their sweat in the foreign soil and love their motherland. The song features actress Menuka Pradhan with actor Gaurav Pahadi.

Watch the music video:
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Rajesh Hamal proved his talent in Court Martial, it earned record breaking 15 lakhs in 32 days

At the time when movies haven’t been able to recover their investments and a theater play has managed to earn 15 lakh in 32 days. The play titled ‘Court Martial’ is directed by Anup Baral and the main actor of the play is the superstar of Nepali movies, . The play also features the well known actors like Dayahang Rai, Subash Thapa and Diya Maskey.


It it believed that the paly ‘Court Martial’ has created the foundation of the professional theater in Nepal. The earning of the play is a record breaking amount. Although it was the debut play of Hamal, he has proved his acting talent in it.

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Miss Nepal Malina Joshi in the Top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific World 2013

Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi, the Nepali representative to the Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 was selected one of the top 15 in the finale held in Korea on October 30. There were contestants from 50 different countries eyeing for the crown. Although Miss India Shristi Rana snatched the crown and Malina couldn’t win any runner-up titles, the selection in top 15 in itself is considered a great feat for a Nepali representative.

Other beauties in the top 15 list include Miss Australia, Miss Ukraine, Miss Vietnam, Miss India, Miss Nepal, Miss Philippines, Miss Russia, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Sweden, Miss Egypt, Miss Central Africa, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Latvia, Miss Mozambique, and Miss Mongolia.

Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 – Shristi Rana:

Title winner list :

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Victorious actress Nisha Adhikari received a warm welcome

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari, the first Nepali actress to scale Mt. Everest, arrived in Kathmandu on Friday morning. At the airport, a team of film artists and others welcomed the actress.

Nisha landed in Kathmandu at 11:30 AM. There were film artists including Nawal Khadka, Laxmi Giri, Aakash Khawas, journalists to congratulate and welcome Nisha.

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Nisha Adhikari became the first actress to climb Mt. Everest, will government certificate matter?

Actress Nisha Adhikari made a new record of becoming the first actress to climb Mt. Everest. Although the government might not be interested in giving her the credit, she has made a history. The first film artist to climb Everest, Arjun Karki, had also reached the peak a day earlier making him the first Nepali film artist on the peak.

Due to excessive charge to Nepali citizen to climb the Everest, Nisha and Arjun had to register themselves as climber’s support staffs, high altitude workers. They each saved (and the government lost) about Rs. 2 million (US$ 25,000) in registration fees.

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Miss Nepal 2013 is Ishani Shrestha

Ishani Shrestha has won the Miss Nepal 2013 title after giving the best answer to the question on joint family and dis-joint family. Miss Nepal 2013 Shristi Shrestha crowned the new Miss Nepal in the event held on March 20 in Pragya Bhawan. After winning the title, Ishani will represent Nepal in Miss World 2013 beauty contest.

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Miss World 2012 is Miss China, Shristi top 10 in Beach Beauty

Nepali people had a lot of hopes from Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha but she couldn’t be selected in the top 15 list.  Many fans of Shristi however are satisfied that she had managed to be ranked 21st. That in itself was a record in Nepal participation in Miss World.

Shristi’s achievement in being selected as one of the top 10 in Miss World Beach Fashion contest was also a new record. The winner of Miss World Beach Fashion contest was Miss Wales.

This year’s Miss World was awarded to Miss China. This is the second time
Miss China has been awarded the title. The last time Zhang Zilin was awarded the Miss World 2007.

  • Miss World 2012 is Miss China – Wen Xia Yu
  • Miss World 2012 runner up – Miss Wales – Sophie Moulds
  • Miss World 2012 second runner up is Miss Australia – Jessica Kahawaty
  • Miss World Beauty with a Purpose winner – Miss India – Vanya Mishra
  • Miss World Talent winner – Miss China PR

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Chhadke – a new experiment in combating poster plagiarism

A graphic designer, Ananda Maharjan, has won the Open Movie Poster Competition for a Nepali Cinema "Chhadke".

Congratulation Ananda!

The movie producers have told that the winning poster will be used in the official promotion of ‘Chhadke‘. It is told that Ananda will also be involved in the design of other promotional materials.

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