Apr 132011

There was another Miss Newa held in Pokhara named Miss Newa Pokhara 2067.  The event held on April 2, 2011(Chaitra 19, 2067) was organized in Pokhara City Hall.


Here are some photos of the event (photo credits lovelypokhara.com)

missnewa_pokhara-2067 (43)

missnewa_pokhara-2067 (46)

missnewa_pokhara-2067 (48)


missnewa_pokhara-2067 (30)

missnewa_pokhara-2067 (39)

missnewa_pokhara-2067 (41)

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  1. […] This beauty, Nikita Shrestha, was awarded the Miss Newa Pokhara last year. To read the News about the event – click here – Miss Newa Pokhara 2067. […]

  2. nice picture

  3. […] are Newari girls exempt from drinking beer underage? Following are the participants of Miss Newa Pokhara 2067, held in Pokhara on April 2, […]

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