Pokhara – Hotels (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of the series in tourist attraction in Pokhara: Hotels in Pokhara

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Pokhara being one of the most popular touristic destination in Nepal, there are various hotels to stay in Pokhara. Some hotels are strategically located so that the natural views of Machhapuchre and other mountains can be seen through the windows of the room. Others are lakeside resorts and hotels that give a pleasant views of various natural beauties. Three lakes are the most popular touristic destination:

Fewa Lake – Located near the airport and the city center, the lake and the lakeside area is the major touristic destination.

Begnas Lake – A huge lake on the east side of the city is also a popular destination.

Rupa Lake – A newly developed resort in the lake area is the most popular destination for the youth and old alike.

According to a 2011 report, there are more than 300 tourist category hotels and lodges in Pokhara. Two of them are 5-star hotels, five 3-star hotels, fifteen 2-star and other non-star hotels in the city.

The Phulbari Resort & Spa and Pokhara Grande are the 5-star hotels.

Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara (PHAP), is the leading organization in the hospitality industry in Pokhara, The organization represents more than 300 hotels,resorts & guest houses ranging from tourist standard hotels to 5 star deluxe hotels in Pokhara. Established on the 27th of March, 2009 after the merger between Regional Hotel Association Nepal(RHAN) and Pokhara Hotel Association (PHA).

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Pokhara College and Education

This is the third part in a series about Pokhara.

The first college in Pokhara was Prithivi Narayan Campus. Affiliated to Tribhuwan University the college was the only higher education institution for a long time. These days, Pokhara has it’s own university and other education institutions.

Now, Pokhara has more than eight hundred private and public high schools. Most of the private schools are boarding schools.

Institutions of higher learning offer up to doctorate level of eduction in social sciences, business, and science and technology.

Some of the eduction institutes are:

Pokhara University
Pokhara University was established in 1997 as Nepal’s fifth university in Nepal. Along with Purbanchal University, Pokhara University was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is the university chancellor and the minister for education is the pro-chancellor. The vice chancellor is the principal administrator of the university.

Pokhara University has four Constituent Schools where Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and PhD programs are running,

There are 57 academic institutions under its affiliation with Bachelor, Master, M.Phil and PhD. degrees programs,

Pokhara University has a Central Office building, Examination Office building, and Academic building in Khudi-Dhungepatan, Lekhnath Municipality.

Prithivi Narayan Campus

Prithvi Narayan College, was established in Sept. 1, 1960 as the first community college of the Kaski district for post secondary education. At the start, the classes were run in Ratna Rajya Laxmi High School. In 1961 it was a public land in Bagar was assigned for the college. It is one of the largest affiliate campuses of Tribhuvan University and is a major center for post secondary education in the western region of Nepal.

Institute of Engineering Western Region Campus
The Pashchimanchal campus started in 1987 with an assistance from the World Bank and UNDP/ILO. Initially only technician courses were offered at the campus offering diploma degrees. After Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering phased out the diploma stream in 2069 BS. Now, the institution offers engineering courses in six disciplines at bachelor level and three disciplines in masters level. The institution is affiliated to the IOE, TU.

Updates on the following coming soon:

Institute of Forestry – Pokhara Campus

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science

Gandaki Boarding School

Pokhara Engineering College

Mount Annapurna Campus

Pokhara Nursing Campus

Manipal College of Medical Science

Pokhara Attractions

This is a series about the attractions of Pokhara.

There are a lot of things that can be seen and experienced in Pokhara. Some include mixing up with the local people, knowing the culture and tradition and enjoying local varieties of foods and delicacies are some of the exciting things in Pokhara.

There are places like Sarangkot, Kahu dada, Santi stupa (world peace pagoda) where you can hike and enjoy the sceneries and the locality. Similar entertainment are available at Bhadaure Tamgi, Foksing hill, Barahi temple, Nirmal Pokhari, Nuwakot, Mattikhan, Naudada and other places. Chandrakot and Pumdikot all also hill stations and sightseeing centre.

Fewa Lake: Pokhara and Fewa Lake are synonymous. The lake lies at the west corner of Pokhsara valley. Approximately 5km long and 1.5 km wide the lake covers an area of 4.4 sq km.

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Pokhara Restaurant (Part 1)

This is a series about the touristic attraction of Pokhara. Pokhara, the tourist-destination in Nepal has a lot of attractive touristic places. While they are in Pokhara, restaurants are the places to get their daily needs – the food.

There are good foods, bad foods, local foods, international foods and they have various grades. So, I am going through what types food are available in Pokhara and where they are available. The article previously talked about things more than foods that are served in the locations. Now, it is only food and good food that you can eat and enjoy to the fullest.

In addition to restaurants, other touristic attractions are also dealt in other articles in the series.

There are restaurants in every corner of the city. All varieties of restaurants are available at touristic locations like Baidam, Lakeside and Damside. That is the tourist district along the north shore of the Fewa lake

The area is mainly made up of small shops, non-star tourist hotels, restaurants, and bars. Better hotels are located at the southern shore of the Lake and southeastern side of the city where there are more open lands and unhindered view of the surrounding mountains are available.

Out of the 7 lakes in the locality, three are mostly popular – Fewa, Begnas and Rupa lake. Others aren’t that popular:

The 7 lakes are:
Begnas Lake
Rupa Lake
Khaste lake
Maidi lake
Neureni lake
Dipang lake
Fewa Lake

Most of the tourists who visit Pokhara also trek to the Annapurna Base Camp and Mustang. The east end of the Pokhara valley, in Lekhnath municipality, there are seven smaller lakes such as Lake is known for its fishery projects.

Jism unit arrested with Archana Paneru and Raju Giri in Pokhara, by Film Development Board order

On the request of the Film Development Board (FDB), the police in Pokhara has arrested the entire shooting crew of upcoming controversial movie, ‘Jism’. Talking to an online media, FDB chief, Rajkumar Rai has confirmed that the arrest was made after the request of the Board. Watch a video report on the incident:

Why was ‘Jism’ unit arrested?

According to Rajkumar Rai (FDB chair):

  • ‘Jism’ script wasn’t approved by the FDB. The Board members were still discussing on the whether the movie should be approved.
  • Rai says, Giri was arrested because he didn’t listen to the board. Rai had told that he had called Giri and asked him to stop the shooting but, he didn’t comply to his order.
  • The Board is discussing if Archana Paneru should be allowed to be featured as an actress in Nepali movie.

According to Raju Giri (‘Jism’ director):

  • Raju Giri and the film production team had submitted the script of the movie to the Film Development Board on 20th. He had also paid all the dues to the FDB for the script registration.
  • When he the script wasn’t approved till the 23rd, the film production team had gone to Pokhara to commence the shooting.
  • Raju Giri claims that the story of the movie is very good and there is no reason FDB should not approve it.

According to Archana Paneru:

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Bhuwan KC rejects report of being stuck in Pokhara over hotel bill controversy

Actor Bhuwan KC and controversy goes hand-in-hand. It has been quite a while there weren’t any controversial news about him, except of course, his debut as a director. In a latest report, Bhuwan KC‘s movie ‘Dreams’ has bee dragged into controversy over a hotel bill.

Audio report:

The movie team has recently completed the shooting of the movie in Pokhara. At the time of checkout Bhuwan reportedly couldn’t pay the Rs. 500,000 bill at the hotel. According to a local reporter Deenanath Baral, the hotel owner had snatched Bhuwan’s car on the failure of the payment. Bhuwan KC and the team was staying in Hotel Peaceful in Damside, Pokhara.

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Rajesh Hamal celebrates his first marriage anniversary in Pokhara

Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal celebrated his first marriage anniversary in Pokhara. At the age of 50, Rajesh had married 20 years younger Madhu Bhattarai were married on May 24, 2014. Rajesh and Madhu had a plan to go to the USA for their honeymoon. But, when Madhu’s visa application was delayed, they had to go to Pokhara for the honeymoon, that too, after a month of marriage. Rajesh went to Australia in an pre-scheduled program and couldn’t take Madhu with him. Although the honeymoon in USA couldn’t be a reality, they went to the USA in March this year.

Celebration of the first anniversary in the place they went for honeymoon does make sense. In a Facebook post, Rajesh writes, “We cam for Pokhara tourism program on Thursday, which also happens to be our anniversary. Pokhara is great as ever paragliding and ultra light fly made our visit even more special.”

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Bracelet shooting starts in Pokhara

The shooting of the movie featuring Ramesh Upreti has started in Pokhara. The shooting started by worshiping at Bindhyabasini temple. After shooting at the temple, the team went to Water Front Resort for the remaining shooting. Ramesh Upreti will join the members of the production team in the shooting in Pokhara on Monday.

The shooting of the movie is scheduled to be done in locations in and around Pokhara, Tanahun and Kathmandu. The movie being directed by Nirmal Sharma ‘Gaida’ features actors like Ramesh Upreti, Sugam Guragain, Namrata Sapkota, Rajani KC, Sambridhi Mainali and Jaya Ojha. Jaya has also written the script of the movie.

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Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai in honeymoon trip to Pokhara (Photos)

UPDATE (June 25) – more photos are added at the end of the post:

After getting married, was pretty busy in programs in Australia and now, he had found time to spend quality time with his new wife, Madhu Bhattarai.

A photo slideshow of the honeymoon trip photos of Rajesh Hamal:

The new couple has headed towards the beautiful city, Pokhara on Tuesday, June 24. Hamal also shared a selfie of the two in the airplane in his Facebook.

Photo: Rajesh Hamal shared the “First selfie with Madhu”

Hamal hasn’t told anything about where they are staying or their other travel plans.

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5-days workshop on digital filming, REDucation, started in Pokhara

Actor inaugurated a 5-days-long workshop on digital filming in Kathmandu. After the inauguration in Kathmandu, the workshop team headed towards the workshop venue in Pokhara. 

The workshop organized by Film Director’s Guild of Nepal in association with Suryaa Vinayak Movies and Moktan Digital Video, Inc. runs from April 10 to 15 in Pokhara.

The workshop features latest Hollywood standard cameras and gears from the maker of RED camera. The participants of the workshop will get hand-on training on cameras and gears, shooting techniques, basic editing, color grading, posting and more features.

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Prunima Cinema Hall, Pokhara closes down

One more movie theater, Purnima Cinema Hall has closed down in Pokhara. The theater was closed when the volume of viewers reduced by a large number. The theater used to feature Nepali movies and was run by producer and distributor Hari Baral.

Hari Baral expects to start the theater after a couple of months. Established in 2037 BS, the movie theater is one of the main film hall in the city. In the past three other theaters had closed down.

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Sipora Gurung’s Ghalek releasing in Pokhara

The movie featuring international vollyball player and a participant of Miss Nepal 2013, Sipora Gurung, is going to release in Pokhara on March 16, 2013. The movie named ‘Ghalek – The Sign of Love’ is produced by Bhakari Films.

In ‘Ghalek’ Sipora is featured in a double role and is made in Nepali, Gurung and Burmese languages. The movie is directed by Krishna Kumar Gurung and features a story on Nepali who had gone to Burma during the second World War. The love story between a Burmese Nepali and a Nepali in Nepal features Gaman Ghale, Maya Gurung and Prema Gurung in addition to Sipora Gurung.

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Audition of Miss Tamusyo 2069 started in Pokhara

Miss Tamusyo 2069, a beauty contest among Tamu women is going to be held in Pokhara by the Council House of Tamu Students’ Nepal, Pokhara later this year. In a press meet held in Pokhara the organizers announced the start of the audition of the beauty contest.

The requirements for the participation in Miss Tamusyo 2069 are:

  • Age between 16 and 24
  • Height at least 5′ 2"
  • Unmarried woman
  • Education – at least SLC passed

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Rajesh Hamal Honored in Pokhara

After returning from the US the top actor of Nepali film industry, was honored in a program organized in Pokhara. In an education fair that started in Pokhara on November 27, 2012, Rajesh Hamal was one of the five people honored.

The people honored include Prof. Kedarbhakta Mathema, Mukundasharan Upadhaya, Ananddev Bhatt, Shaymdash Maharjan and Rajesh Hamal.

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Nepal Film Day 2011 to be addressed by PM, Rajesh Hamal and Rekha

The Nepal Film Board has unveiled the details of the celebration of Nepal Film Day on September 18, 2011 (Asoj 1, 2068 BS). In the event will start with a special music in the morning (Prabhat feri), various programs in the day and a party in the evening. All the theaters accross Nepal will do Dipawali by lighting lights and fireworks.  The day is also planned to be celebrated as a weekly program by forming a committee to manage it.

The current schedule is to ask the new prime minister Baburam Bhattarai to address the program. The leading actor and actress Rajesh Hamal and Rekha Thapa are also scheduled address the program.   Continue reading