Nepali Movie – Pardeshi

pardeshi new nepali movie  Nepali Movie – Pardeshi
StarringPrashant Tamang, Rajani KC,
Director – Narayan Rayamajhi

Nepali superhit movie ‘Paradeshi’ is a presentation of Rajesh Banshal and Narayan Rayamajhi. The movie ‘Pardeshi’ was released in October of 2015. The movie was one of the top 10 movies released in 2015.There is an old movie by the same name released in 1998: Paradeshi featuring Rajesh Hamal and Bipana Thapa (watch ‘Pardeshi’ here). The director Narayan Rayamajhi’s previous vernture with Prashanta Tamang was also a superhit movie titled ‘Gorkha Paltan’ (watch ‘Gorkha Paltan’ here).

Note: This is not the official upload of the movie. This post will not be updated until the official upload of the movie is available online.

The movie is not available. This post will be updated after the availability of the official version of the movie. Thank you.


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