Mukhauta team in Nepal tour for its promotion

The ‘Mukhauta’ team is currently in Dharan to promote the upcoming movie. In her Facebook post, actress Nisha Adhikari told that the team went to Dharan City College in the morning .

Mukhatua promotion dharan hetauda (6)

A press meet is scheduled to be held at Jaycees Bhawan, Dharan today.

Before Dharan, the team had visited Hetauda and meet the local journalists to inform about the upcoming movie.

Arpan Thapa‘s movie ‘Mukhauta’ is schedule to release in theaters all over Nepal on June 13, 2014. The movie features a lot of star casts like , Saugat Malla, Rabin Tamang, Sunil Thapa, Harshika Shrestha, Dayahang Rai etc.

During the audio launch, Nisha has rightfully defended the foul language used in the movie. Watch Nisha’s statement in the video below:

A song from the movie “Behal hunchha man …” featuring hot Nisha Adhikari.

More photos:

Photo credit – Nisha Adhikari

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