14th Image Award ceremony held in Kathmandu

The 14th Annual Tuborg Image Award ceremony was held in Kathmandu on October 6, 2012. Awards were awarded in  20 different categories in the award ceremony.


In the event, many of the personalities related to Nepali music industry were present. Various musical programs were performed by artists like Dipak Bajracharya, Satya and Sworoop Acharya, Shashi Rawal, Rekha Shah, Milan Amatya and others.

The jury of the award ceremony has recognized senior music director Yadav Kharel and honored him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

her award winners include:

  1. Best New Talent – Shantosh Gurung
  2. Best Group singing – Nawa Kranti
  3. Best Film song – Locahn Ghimire
  4. Best Recorder – Shyam Swet Rasaili
  5. Best Music Arrangement – Maharaj Thapa
  6. Best Lyricist – Suka Bahadur Gurung
  7. Best Folk song – Bhumiraj Rai
  8. Best Folk duet (dohari) – Bishnu Majhi and Ramji Khand
  9. Best Album – Juni Juni – 2
  10. Best Song – Deep Shrestha
  11. Best Muisc – Anand Rai
  12. Best Music Video editing – Shushil Neupane
  13. Best Music Video cinematographer – Rabin Bikash Shrestha
  14. Best Music video director – Pramesh Shrestha
  15. Best Music Video – Suman K Shrestha
  16. Best Pop Singer (female) – Milan Amatya
  17. Best Pop Singer (male) – Udesh Shrestha
  18. Best Singer – Deep Shrestha
  19. Best Public Choice Award – Bhumiraj Rai

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