50 Best Websites of 2007 – TIME

time logoTIME magazine has compiled the best websites of 2007.

They have tried to present new and exciting websites with exceptional style, sites that offer new ways to access and share content, and the ones that can enrich your online experience.

You can visit the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 to see what they think and if you can agree with them. It’s too bad I haven’t heard about many of them. May be I should start visiting them.

They have also compiled the sites under various categories and here is the complete list of best websites.

Well the list continues with 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without and the 5 Worst Websites too. Well, it is another story that I have never bought anything in Amazon (the first site that I can’t live without according to TIME) although I have done ample amount of online shopping.