Blocked sites in Nepal – Analysis of remaining websites in the list

This post is the second part – continued from the previous post: Blocked sites in Nepal – Analysis of first 10 websites in the list

“… stupidity rules in Nepal …”

… why is our government so worried about P-rn-Watchers’-pillars-of-the-nation? How about minding their own business & drafting Constitution on time?

Those were some of the responses to the ‘internet black list,’ the Nepal government prepared, with so much enthusiasm and dedication! In the previous post, I had given enough examples on what ‘the list’ was made up of. The six out of the first ten websites were no-brainier bull-sh*ts !

Let’s go through the remaining list:

Site No. 12 – This website features some magazine but, I couldn’t find any graphic materials in there. I didn’t bother to read  the content (and, I am more than confident that none of the decision makers of the list did read it!). The only apparent reason, the site falls in the list is that there is a taboo word in the title.

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Nepali 'Ban-List' is a promotion list – please add in it!

They did a good job of promoting some sites like Huffington Post, or sfsi (I had never heard of them before!) with the explicit websites ban list. Now, thanks to the wide-spread protest, the government has updated the list to remove non-relevant and add more sites like Playboy.

You might have expected the government had felt the shame and has done a good homework to update the new list. You are wrong! They are far from being serious in including the relevant sites in the updated list.
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Internet black-list updated – 56 sites in the new list

Grow-up Nepal Government !(borrowed from a Facebook page against internet ban).

In response to the criticism, the Nepali government has updated the internet ban list by removing ‘non-explicit’ sites and adding some more sites in the list.

Removed from the previous list are, sites of music band Sex Pistol, Healthguru, Springer, Mahalo and other sex awareness sites.

In the updated list, Playboy is among the other sites added. There were only 53 sites in the previous list and the new list features 56 sites. Here is the full list:

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Blogspot blogs, Huffingtonpost, SFSI among blocked websites in Nepal

I knew it from the beginning ! I was the first person to tell that the government plan was flawed!

Nepali Times published the full list of websites banned in Nepal by the government. It was surprising to find ‘’ and ‘’ included in the the 60 sites blocked in Nepal.
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60 P0rn sites blocked in Nepal

The ISPs in Nepal have blocked 60 different sites in Nepal, as per the instruction of the government. The decision was taken in a meeting held at the Home Ministry. Present at the meeting were the representatives of Home Ministry, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), and representative of Nepal Internet Service Providers (NISP).

Nagariknews reports that the ISPs affiliated with NISP have already banned the sites identified as p0rn sites. Others will have to follow when NTA orders them to do so.

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After two months of ban on Explicit websites, the govt. couldn't implement it

In a latest news, the Home Ministry (HM) has decided to work with the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to ban p0rn sites in Nepal.

It was in August the government decided to ban such sites in Nepal.  After a week or so, the government announced the ban of such sites and a "fine of Rs. 100,000 and/or 5 years in prison" for the violators. The ISPs were told to use filters and ban such sites. The public started crying foul-play when the ISPs started banning websites randomly.

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Is it Gmail's turn to be banned ? – Free calls to the US and Canada

With Google offering free calls to any phone numbers in the US and Canada, Nepal government might block Gmail in Nepal as it "bypasses the local telephone network" to make such free calls.

Nepal Government wanted to start banning websites but it is getting tougher than they previously thought. At first, they wanted to ban sex sites. They even issued directives to ISPs and as far as I know, the directive isn’t being implemented till date.

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5 VOIP sites blocked in Nepal

Nepal government tried blocking explicit websites. But, till date there is no report of actual blockage of such websites. But, in a recent news, Nepal government has blocked five VOIP websites accusing them of bypassing the local telephone network. According to Nagariknews, blocked websites include,,, and

VOIP is the future of telecommunication. They have their share of problems but being cheap they are gaining popularity in all over the world.

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Explicit websites blocked in Nepal

The Nepal Government’s has decided to block all websites containing explicit content and nudity. Now onwards, nobody is allowed to view or host such websites in Nepal. If anybody is found to be violating the order, the person can be fined Rs. 100,000 and/or 5 years in prison.

Last week, the news about the Government’s plan to play a parent’s role came out and I gave 5 reasons it might not be successful. After the official announcement of the government, I still think it is not a good idea to start a complete ban. They could have started informative campaigns or education programs. In this contest quoting a post in a Facebook Group, protesting the Government’s ban seems relevant.

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Increasing number of Film related Nepali websites

With increased number of films being made in recent time, film related websites are also in increasing trends. I have reviewed some film related websites.

The first film related magazine in Nepal was ‘Kamana‘ but they never made a good enough website to talk about. The group that publishes Kamana is not that interested in website and they are pretty happy with the printed publication. The screenshot on the right speaks volumes on its online presence.

As far as I know, the first dedicated film related website was The site is still there but it doesn’t get updated that frequently. The site is full of age-old stories that no one is interested in.

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Top 50 Websites in Nepal – only 15 are Nepali

We don’t have a system to rank websites in Nepal. The truth is, we don’t have that many quality websites to rank. The only tool I could find was It gives country rankings of websites.

A very simple analysis of the data shows that all the popular sites in Nepal are foreign sites. Only one Nepali site in the top 10 ranking is ranked 10th.

The analysis showed that:

  • Facebook (no. 1) is more popular than Google (2 and 3). Due to the local tdl ( and .com) the visitors in Google are divided. When they are combined, Google might still be the most popular website in Nepal.
  • The first Nepali website, is ranked 10, followed by in rank 12.
  • Out of 50 top websites popular in Nepal, only 30% websites (15 numbers) were Nepali websites.
  • Nepali news websites were the most popular in Nepal with, almost half (40%) of the 15 Nepali websites were news websites. Entertainment sites were second with 27% share (4 numbers).
  • was ranked 43 and was the 13th most popular website in Nepal.

Ranking tables follow:

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Website analysis – xnepali compared with sajha and mysansar (Part 1)

Owners of asked me to do a comparative analysis of and its competitive position in Nepali website market. It was not an easy task to do the analysis as there are numerous variables to do the analysis of. I asked for the usage statistics of the site and found out that it wasn’t properly kept and it was even more work to extract useful data from the raw data. Even if I get all those data for xnepali I won’t be able to compare with other sites. So, I decided to a bit simpler analysis, that anybody can do.

I decided to compare three sites:,, and Sajha is one of the popular forum, that was in existence for quite some time and mysansar can be considered one of the most popular single handed Nepali website.

1. Domain Age

Age is also a factor to determine the site’s relevancy in search and in people’s perception. was the youngest (3 and half years old) with the oldest site (more than 8 years old). Mysansar was nearly twice the age of

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50 Best Websites of 2007 – TIME

TIME magazine has compiled the best websites of 2007.

They have tried to present new and exciting websites with exceptional style, sites that offer new ways to access and share content, and the ones that can enrich your online experience.

You can visit the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 to see what they think and if you can agree with them. It’s too bad I haven’t heard about many of them. May be I should start visiting them.

They have also compiled the sites under various categories and here is the complete list of best websites.

Well the list continues with 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without and the 5 Worst Websites too. Well, it is another story that I have never bought anything in Amazon (the first site that I can’t live without according to TIME) although I have done ample amount of online shopping.