Where guests are chased away

In Nepal, we consider guest the God’s representative. Hence, every guest is heartily welcomed at home. But, that is not the case in the Thoche village in Lalitpur.

The villagers don’t allow guests in their homes during a month long festival, celebrated every 12 years. In that time, even the married daughters aren’t allowed to visit their parents. The people in the village also don’t go out of their homes in that time.

During the festival, there is a social curfew in the village in which nobody can walk in the night. More in Nepali in Kantipur.< /p>

Minister’s business sense – Taxi out of a hospital vehicle

hospitalmotor A vehicle to be used for epidemics and rapid-response, is being used by relatives of Health Minister Uma Kanta Chaudhari. The relatives have made good use of the otherwise useless vehicle. Uma Kanta’s father and relatives make Rs. 50 per person per trip from Tamagadhi to Kohlhawi of Bara district.

The vehicle has white number plate (government vehicle) and ‘H’ painted on it to indicate a hospital vehicle. According to Nayapatrika, the minister has taken 8 motorcycle from a department under Health ministry for his friends and relatives.

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