Sahana Bajracharya – helping to get over ‘Bikini Taboo’

She helped Nepal in being one of the Top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific 2011!

The beauty with brains, Sahana Bajracharya, couldn’t rise above the Top 15 in the Miss Asia Pacific 2011. Given no major successes of Nepali beauties in the history of international beauty contests, that is a okay … and warrants for a big “congratulation!”


Shahana told that she had enjoyed the contest and the photo says it all.

Oh How much i enjoyed being on stage .. Bikini Round!

The fol
lowing photo of the Miss India and Shahana says it all … they sure did have fun!

I love the way Shahana choose to tell it to present her *hot* bikini photo:

Its not what you wear that matters. People should look at YOU and not what you Wear… Oh dear country men, get over the bikini taboo please…

More bikini photos (to get you over “the bikini taboo” :)

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