Never wore a bikini before, Sahara Basnet swimsuit experience at Miss Asia Pacific International

We don’t have bikini round in Miss Nepal. In the history of beauty contests, the only beauty contest to ever have a swimsuit round was Miss Kathmandu 2017 (Read more about Miss Kathmandu 2017 here). Not having such contest at home and participating in international beauty contest has a certain disadvantage. For example, the current Miss Asia Pacific Nepal, Sahara Basnet, wore bikini for the first time in Philippines, in the finale of Miss Asia Pacific International 2017. It is anybody’s guess how the self-consicous beauty might have performed at the contest.

I think, it is time to re-think the decision not to have bikini round in Miss Nepal. They should have the round just to prepare themselves for the international arena they will have to compete in.

Sahara Basnet bikini experience

The following text is what Sahara wrote about her experience in the swimsuit. In summary:

  • Sahara has always been a shy and introvert girl
  • Sahara had never worn a bikini before.
  • While wearing bikini itself was awkward for her, doing a photoshoot in one was the thing she had never thought about. Doing bikini photoshoot and walking wearing them was not easy for her. (That was done in the finale of an international beauty contest)

Such experience is not something a representative of the whole country should have. She should have been prepared for everything including the bikini rounds.

The organizers should learn from the experiences of the participants and prepare themselves for those surprises. Even if there was no bikini round in Miss Nepal beauty contest, Sahara had enough time to practice wearing bikini at home and prepare herself to be comfortable in it.
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4 Miss Nepal winners to represent Nepal in International Beauty contests this year

Till last year, top 3 winners of Miss Nepal contests used to represent international beauty contests. Starting this year, one more Miss Nepal will represent Nepal in the international contest. The fourth placed winner of Miss Nepal 2017 will now go to Miss Asia Pacific beauty contest.

Miss Nepal in Miss Asia Pacefic

Although the fourth place winner of Miss Nepal is going to participate in Miss Asia Pacific beauty contest this year, this is not the first time Miss Nepal had participated in the contest. That was the first international beauty contests Miss Nepal used to go before the agreement with the Miss world beauty contest.

The first Miss Nepal, Ruby Rana, (in 1994) participated in Miss Asia Pacific 1994 in Philippines. After Ruby, Miss Nepal 1995 Sumi Khadka and Miss Nepal 1996 Punam Ghimire also participated in Miss Asia Pacific contests.
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Miss Nepal Malina Joshi in the Top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific World 2013

Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi, the Nepali representative to the Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 was selected one of the top 15 in the finale held in Korea on October 30. There were contestants from 50 different countries eyeing for the crown. Although Miss India Shristi Rana snatched the crown and Malina couldn’t win any runner-up titles, the selection in top 15 in itself is considered a great feat for a Nepali representative.

Other beauties in the top 15 list include Miss Australia, Miss Ukraine, Miss Vietnam, Miss India, Miss Nepal, Miss Philippines, Miss Russia, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Sweden, Miss Egypt, Miss Central Africa, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Latvia, Miss Mozambique, and Miss Mongolia.

Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 – Shristi Rana:

Title winner list :

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Sahana Bajracharya – helping to get over ‘Bikini Taboo’

She helped Nepal in being one of the Top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific 2011!

The beauty with brains, Sahana Bajracharya, couldn’t rise above the Top 15 in the Miss Asia Pacific 2011. Given no major successes of Nepali beauties in the history of international beauty contests, that is a okay … and warrants for a big “congratulation!”

Shahana told that she had enjoyed the contest and the photo says it all.

Oh How much i enjoyed being on stage .. Bikini Round!

The fol
lowing photo of the Miss India and Shahana says it all … they sure did have fun!

I love the way Shahana choose to tell it to present her *hot* bikini photo:

Its not what you wear that matters. People should look at YOU and not what you Wear… Oh dear country men, get over the bikini taboo please…

More bikini photos (to get you over “the bikini taboo” :)

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