Binita Baral shed crocodile tears – publicity stunt over magazine cover

Chapali Height actress Binita Baral has shed some crocodile tears in a press meet organized in Kathmandu. The meet was held in response to the publication of a photo on the cover of Shukrabar weekly and Kamana monthly.

By the way Binita has responded to the incident, we can say that it was a pre-planned incident and was meant to be a publicity stunt rather than an unexpected event.

Just after the publication of a photo on Kamana monthly, Shukrabar published similar but different photo. The photo was provided by the producer of the movie, Arjun Kumar, to the media.


A few things to prove Binita tried to make fool of the people:

  • She had agreed to publish the photo in film poster. She has nothing a
    gainst the photo as such. Publication on magazine cover – is no issue at all.
  • She told she had a piece of garment to cover her chest. Does anybody care if she had anything over there or not? She showed some photos in press meet and they didn’t prove anything.
  • Binita’s tone of message after the press meet – “I told you all I have to say. Now, go on and publish whatever you like!”