Binita Baral – Chapali Height photo is no ‘nudity’

UPDATE: Binita Baral organized the press meet. She is ‘happy’ to tell her story and seems ‘happier’ by the amount of media attraction the photo created. In her Facebook she didn’t care to tell what was the real thing she told in the press meet. That means it is not the important. It seems, the press meet was well planned beforehand and they had taken some photos specially for the anticipated press meet – photos showing undergarments. Binita posted this message in Facebook:

The Facebook message says nothing about her concern (because, she isn’t concerned about the real issue). She didn’t even felt the need to clarify in her Facebook profile (because, she doesn’t want to spoil the media attention).

(The photo of the cover is removed.)

Original article continues ….

Binita Baral, the ‘Chapali Heights‘ fame model/actress, has been in and out of controversy since she enter the Nepali movie industry. At first she was kicked out of a movie, without compensation, after she had already signed the deal.

Then, she got a role in ‘Chapali Heights‘, a movie told to contain bold scenes and story-line.  The movie, the shooting of which completed in 45 days, is about a story of a girl living in a hostel, a target of two guys who have fallen in love with her.

A weekly published by Nagarik Media published a near naked photo of the actress in it’s cover page on it’s November 25, 2011 edition. The photo created a controversy on the bold move of the actress. Binita says that she is wearing black bikini underneath in the picture and it was advertised as something else. She also told that the photo was not taken to be featured in the frontpage of a magazine. It was only taken to be featured in poster.

Here is what Binita posted in her Facebook profile:

I don’t know if controversy is following Binita or Binita is following it.

Whatever might be the case, I guess, she knows how to fuel it and keep herself warm on the heat… It is winter after all!

16 thoughts on “Binita Baral – Chapali Height photo is no ‘nudity’

  1. binita baral ko 1st movie hit hunu ma hami audince kai main hat hunu ma 2 mat na hola. tara aj deuso cjmc fm ma interview den janda binita ji ko ta khutta bhui ma na bhaeko clear dekhna paeyo. kinki ma tyas bela tyahi yhiea ra kura garna khojda waha le kunai kisim ko chaso nai dekhaunu bhaena. jatti chitti bhau badhyo ne tapai ko ? tyati nai chitti ghatne pani 6 yo yad rakhnu hola. tapai ko kunai pani movie ma ra mera frnds. haru bat bahiskar.

  2. binita ji k 6 hal khaber ? euta movie hit hudaima afno darshak lae pani na ganne ? aaj deuso cjmc fm ma interview den janda bhet hunda 2 wata kura pani garna na chahnu timro dimag ali katti paisa le kaha pugeko re clear dekhoiyo. Tara jun darshak le garda mathi pugyou tyahi darshak le tala jharna pani sak6 yo hamesha yad rakhnu.timro kunai pani movie ma herdina ra mera sathi haru lae pani herna bat rokne 6u.ali kati hit hudaima audince sang pani kura na garne ?

  3. binata , kukur haru bhukchhan tara hati afno mast chal ma hidi ranchha, so dont worry about samaj, aagadi bada, ok bey, god bless u, my mail id (removed) raj from abu dabhi

  4. waha..waha…gajab aru ma pragati huna nasakepani sexual kurama chain nepal pani Europe vanda agadi huna lagyo…waha waha..again..namichine pingko saya jhadka..namitho jaandko dherai nighaar..

  5. auta nari le afno ejat dhakna janda che but i know she is not bad girl its just someone make her to not go up if u are right u can fight for right dont worry u will be good actress in feauther…u are so pretty….

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