Rekha Thapa and FDB head Pappu seen together in Dolkha, again

After the marijuana incident of Shivaratri, the relationship between Rekha Thapa and the Film Development Board (FDB) head Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita (Pappu) has been a topic of gossip in the film sector. Rekha had unsuccessfully attempted to get herself in Pappu’s place in FDB.

rekha_thpaa_jharna_thapa_pappu in background

The FDB head Pappu had visited Dolkha with FDB employee to inspect the proposed Film city in the area on Thursday. On the next day, Rekha Thapa and Jharana Thapa had also visited Dolkha to worship in Dolkha Bhimsen temple. With them, journalist Prakash Subedi and Jharana husband Sunil Kumar Thapa had also visited the place.

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