Nepali Movie – Kollywood

kollywoodNepali MovieKollywood
StarringAryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Payal Thapa, Bishnu Karki, Shishir Rana, Subrat Acharya, Malina Joshi etc.
DirectorNavaraj Acharya

‘Kollywood’ is a Nepali movie by Group One Creation. The movie is about the insider’s story of Nepali movie industry.

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Naresh Poudel and Chhabi Raj Ojha patched up after 10 years

The relationship between ex-partners Naresh Poudel and Chhabi Raj Ojha hadn’t been that good for the last 10 years. After the production of ‘Dhadkan’ (Watch ‘Dhadkan’) Naresh and Chhabi had drifted apart.

2056 BS photo chhabi ojha and naresh poudel and shyam during namaste nepal time 2

Photo – A 1999 photo of Naresh Poudel, Chhabi Ojha and Shyam

Chhabi and Naresh met 22-years ago and they had worked together as close friends for 12 years. Although it is not official, rumor is that Chhabi and Naresh loved the same girl and she was the reason for the breakup. The identity of the girl can only be guessed. It was Naresh who broke the relationship and Naresh went to Chhabi’s office to start it again.

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