Nepali Movie – Masan

Nepali Movie – Masan
StarringRaj Ballav Koirala, Keki Adhikari, Neeta Dhungana, Nir Shah, Deepak Chhetri, Palpasa Dangol, Rashmi Bhatta, Bipana Basnet etc.
Director – Nir Shah

Nepali Movie ‘Masan’ is a critically acclaimed movie made on the very popular book of the same name by Gopal Prasad Rimal. Gopal Prasad Rimal is a noted playwright and poet in Nepali literature. The movie is made in cooperation with Mrs. Hari Devi Rimal, the wife of late Gopal Prasad Rimal and the Rimal Foundation. In addition to directing the movie Nir Shah has also produced it. Noted actor and director Hari Prasad Rimal has introduced the movie and talks about his big brother Gopal Prasad Rimal at the start of the movie. The movie is a joint presentation of Rimal Enterprise (USA) and Nircinema (Nepal).

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Shrisha Karki, the Nepali actress who died young

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The 24-years-old actress Shrisha Karki was considered an actress with potential in Nepali film industry. Shrisha comitted suicide in October 2002, three days after a tabloid newspaper ‘Jana Astha’ published a nude photo of the actress, and accused her of prostitution.

shrisha karki mother after her death

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