New Twist in Shrisha Karki case – Uddhav Bhandari committed suicide in UK

One of the most sad moment in the Nepali film industry was in 2002 when actress Shrisha Karki committed suicide over a photo published in a weekly tabloid – ‘Jana Aastha’. The whole film industry was shocked by the extreme action taken by the aspiring actress and everybody accused the journalist of causing the distress to the actress.

Case was filed against the chief editor of the newspaper – Kishor Shrestha and two writers mentioned in the news article. But, they all got cleared because the case wasn’t prepared well. None of the accused were punished for the action. The newspaper editor, Kishor Shrestha, later told that the photo of the actress was taken by a police officer and given to them. Everybody believed the police officer, Uddhav Bhandari, was the main culprit.

But, when I went back to the case and did a little research – the truth seem to be something else. It seems, Uddhav Bhandari was used by the journalist just to make a case. It seems, Bhandari doesn’t have anything to do with the case.

A summary of my conspiracy theory is :
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Truth of Shrisha Karki suicide case of 2002, was it a fake news?

Actress Shrisha Karki committed suicide in August of 2002 after a photo was published in a tabloid, ‘Jana Aastha’. The death of the 24-years old actress shocked the entire film industry. The film artists went to streets with demand to arrest and prosecute the journalist who published the photo in the newspaper. The editor of the weekly, Kishor Shrestha, went into hiding and everybody was looking for him. People vandalized the newspaper office. It was one of the very bad incident in the history of the Nepali film industry. But, nobody was arrested or prosecuted.

It has been 16 years of the incident – in 2018, the journalist, Kishor Shrestha is the acting chief of the official media watchdog of the Nepal Government, Press Council Nepal.

Video report of the incident:

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Nepali Movie – Soltini

BMP Films presents Manoj Tamrakar’s
Nepali film – Soltini
Starring: Rabi Shah, Santosh Pant, Chiranjivi Basnet, Parbati Adhikari, Laba Sharma, Shrisha Karki etc.
Direction – Arun Kumar Jha

One of the successful movie of the past, features the story, script and dialogue of the director Arun Kumar Jha in association with Brajesh Khanal. The movie features actress Shrisha Karki. The controversy surrounding the actress caused her to take her own life.

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Top 5 sex scandals in Nepali movie industry

This is an update on the post I made a year ago in 2016. There was a new leak of photos of actress Susana Dhakal a while ago. In the photo she is seen in a hotel strategically covering the sensitive parts but without any clothes. The photos were uploaded in her own Facebook page. After the leak she told that she had lost her mobile phone and apparently those photos were in her phone and somebody uploaded them without her consent. The event is a warning to everybody what can happen if you keep the photos you don’t want others to see in your phone. Susana’s scandal was not that big when compared to the following five scandals.

(screenshot credit – Nepal Aaja)

Scandals and the movie industry go hand-in-hand. But, sex scandals are tragic in nature. People need to be more tolerant in sex related issues. I have compiled a video report on the top 5 sex scandals involving the Nepali movie industry personalities.

Video report is removed for now. I will prepare an update in near future.

I have discussed about four actresses and a singer.
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Top 5 Controversy Queens

In January I wrote about the top 5 controversial actresses in the Nepali movie industry. The post got a lot of viewers and the accompanying video is one of the most viewed videos in YouTube Channel. (I am preparing a video report on Top 5 Tattoo beauties which is coming soon.)

The controversial actress list was:

  1. Rekha Thapa (posts tagged Rekha thapa)
  2. Namrata Shrestha (Posts tagged Namrata Shrestha)
  3. Sushma Karki (posts tagged Sushma Karki)
  4. Pooja Lama (posts tagged Pooja Lama)
  5. Sumina Ghimire (Posts tagged Sumina Ghimire)

Now, I have one more Top 5 list: Top 5 sex scandals in the Nepali movie industry. The list has two repetations – Namrata Shrestha and Pooja Lama.

  • Shrisha Karki (Read Shrisha Karki Biography)
  • Namrata Shrestha
  • Pooja Lama
  • Jyoti Khadka
  • Anju Panta

Sex scandals are more tragic than being controversial. Controversies are sometimes good for the celebrity, but sex scandals have done more harm than good. Watch the video report:

Video report is removed for now. I will prepare an update in near future.

Controversial actresses report:
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Nepali Movie – Maya Garchhu Ma

maya garchhu ma nepali movie nameNepali Movie – Maya Garchhu Ma
StarringRamesh Upreti, Jharana Bajracharya, Shrisha Karki, Mithila Sharma, Jayananda Lama, Rabi Shah, Ramchandra Adhikari, Rabi Dangol, Bikrant Basnet etc.
Director – Jayananda Lama

About ‘Maya Garchhu Ma’

A presentation of Cine Man Films, the movie ‘Maya Garchhu ma’ features Miss Nepal 1997, Jharana Bajracharya in leading role with Ramesh Upreti. Actress Shrisha Karki is also featured in leading role. The chief assistant director of the movie is Shyam Bhattarai, The movie is made on the story of Teknanda Lama. The script and the dialogue are written by Maunata Shrestha, music and background score by Dibya Khaling, editing by Banish Shah and Tira Thapa, choreography by Kamal Rai, fight by NB Maharjan, cinematography by Shiva Kishor Dhakal and Ratna Dhakal.

The director , Jayanand Lama is also the producer of the movie.

Watch full movie in a single part:
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Nepali Movie – Bacha Bandhan

bacha bandhan nepali movieNepali Movie – Bacha Bandhan
Starring –  Dhiren Shakya, Shrisha Karki, Basundhara Bhusal, Rajaram Poudel, Deepak Raj Giri, Shanti Maskey, Nir Shah, Ritesh Baniya, Prem Baniya etc.
Director – Badri Krishna Shrestha, Shailendra KC

Watch ‘Bacha Bandhan’ in a single part:

Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

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MaHa comedy – Sur Besur

sur besur maha comedyMaHa comedy – Sur Besur
StarringMadan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bamsha Acharya, Rajaram Poudel, Subarna Chhetri, Kiran KC, Nilkaji Shakya, Sabita Gurung, Shrisha Karki, Narendra Kansakar etc.
Director – MaHa

Watch MaHa Comedy ‘Sur Besur’ in three parts:

Part 1 is not available.

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Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha

sukha dukha nepali movieNepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
StarringShree Krishna Shrestha, Jharana Thapa, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Mithila Sharma, Keshav Bhattarai, Shrisha Karki etc.
DirectorShiva Regmi

The Nepali movie ‘Sukha Dukha’ is a presentation of Cine Kala Movies by Birendra Narayan Shrestha. The movie is directed by late director Shiva Regmi. Produced by Prabh Shreatha and Suraj Pradhan, the movie is also written by Shiva Regmi himself. The movie is made on a heart touching story on a social drama featuring the clash between the three generations of a family.

Tulsi Ghimire and Jaya Prakash Rijal are the guest artists in the movie and Sanjog Shrestha is featured as a child artist. Other notable artists in the movie include Ramchandra Adhikari, Birendra Hamal and Sushil Pokharel. Cinematography by Sambhu Sapkota, music by Sambhujit Baskota,

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Shrisha Karki, the Nepali actress who died young

Here are the movies available in xnepali, featuring Shrisha Karki:

Nepali Movie – Soltini
Nepali Movie – Maya Garchhu Ma
Nepali Movie – Bacha Bandhan
MaHa comedy – Sur Besur
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Nepali Movie – Anshabanda
Nepali Movie – Gham Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Maya Baiguni
Nepali Movie – Aawara
Nepali Movie – Mohani Lagla Hai
Nepali Movie – Maitee
Nepali Movie – Dharti
Nepali Movie – Beimani
Nepali Movie – Allare
Nepali Movie – Malai Maaf Garideu
Nepali Movie – Aafno Birano
Nepali Movie – Atankabadi

The 24-years-old actress Shrisha Karki was considered an actress with potential in Nepali film industry. Shrisha comitted suicide in October 2002, three days after a tabloid newspaper ‘Jana Astha’ published a nude photo of the actress, and accused her of prostitution.

shrisha karki mother after her death

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Nepali Movie – Anshabanda

anshabandaNepali Movie – Anshabanda
StarringDhiren Shakya, Anup Baral, Shrisha Karki, Sushila Rayamajhi, Deepak Chhetri, Laxmi Bohara, Baldip Rai etc.
DirectorSuraj Subba ‘Nalbo’

The Nepali movie ‘Anshabanda’ is a presentation of Shalikram Rana Magar under SSR Films by director and writer Suraj Subba. The movie is made on a social family drama with revenge and comedy. The movie produced by Manju Rana Magar was released in 1998. The movie features child artists Sabina Rana Magar, Angel Tulsi, Sagar Gajurel, Laxman Shrestha with Shalikram Rana Magar.

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Nepali Movie – Gham Chhaya

gham chhayaNepali Movie – Gham Chhaya
StarringDinesh DC, Shrisha Karki, Nir Shah, Rabi Shah, Rama Thapaliya, Dhiraj Sapkota, Kshitiza Shakya, Khem Sharma, Mohan Mishra, Shiva Hari Poudel, etc.
Director – Kishor Rana

Nepali movie ‘Gham Chhaya’ is the first presentation of Mahendra Budhamagar for Uttar Ganga Films. Dhiraj Sapkota and Kshitija Shakya are the new faces in the movie. Prem Baniya, Rajpal Thapa and Gopal Nepal (Fiste) are the guest artists in the movie. Rajesh Hamal is featured in a special appearance. Editing by Rajani Pant, art by Nandu Adhikari, action by Birman Ghartimagar, choreography by Basantajung Rayamajhi, cinematography by Dirgh Gurung, script  by Ranjit Rana / Bishal Pokharel, dialogue by Bishal Pokharel, lyrics by Surendra Rana, music by Ram Thapa and produced by Lankaman Roka. The story is written by the director Kishor Rana.

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Nepali Movie – Maya Baiguni

maya baiguniNepali Film – Maya Baiguni
StarringDhiren Shakya, Bina Budhathoki, Shrisha Karki, Simanta Udash, Basundhara Bhusal, Rajpal Thapa, etc.
Director – Subhash Gajurel

“Maya Baiguni” is a film by Kumari Maa Films and Sheshnag Films. Rajesh Hamal is the guest artist in the film. The story and dialogue of the film is written by Bijay Shrestha, lyrics by Krishnahari Baral, choreography by Kamal Rai, action by Surendra Shah, editing by Naraendra Khadka / Anil Gautam, cinematography by Mahendra Thapa / Rajiv Shrestha, music by Madan Dipbim and script by the director Subhash Gajurel.

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Nepali Movie – Aawara

aawaraNepali Film – Aawara
Starring,Pooja Chand, Harihar Sharma, Basundhara Bhusal, Shanti Maskey, Sushila Rayamajhi, Deepa Shree Niraula, Shrisha Karki, Ramesh Budhathoki, Pawan Mainali, Prakash Thapa, Khem Sharma, Shiva Hari Poudel etc.
Director – Bijaya Thapa

The Nepali film ‘Aawara’ is a presentation of Taiyab Shah of Jewa Films featuring a lot of well known actors. The movie features the choreography of Kamal Rai, action of NB Maharjan, dialogue of Kamal Mainali, script / story of Prakash Thapa, editing of Mukhtar Ahmed, cinematography of Ishwor Shrestha, and music of Sambhujit Baskota.

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Nepali Movie – Mohani Lagla Hai

mohani lagla haiNepali Film – Mohani Lagla Hai
Starring – Bishnu Rijal, Shrisha Karki, Jyoti Sharma, Laba Sharma, Laxmi Giri, Rabi Khadka, Shiva Hari Poudel, Nabin Shrestha, Sumitra Poudel etc,
Director – Kundan Khanal

Nepali film ‘Mohani Lagla Hai’ is a presentation of Everest Cinema, by Dr. Tara Prasad Pokharel. The movie features the story, script and dialogue of Abhinash Shrestha, editing of Karun Thapa, choreography of Bhuwan Shrestha, cinematography of Narayan Mainali, music of Sambhjuit Baskota. The director Kundan Khanal has also written the lyrics of the songs. The actress of this movie, Shrisha Karki, had committed suicide after the publication of her private photos in a newspaper.

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