Dinesh DC met with a car accident in the USA (update)

UPDATE: Dinesh’s one of the daughters, Shiwane DC has thanked everybody for the response and support. She has told that it was a major accident caused by weather condition. Shiwani has told that they are required to take a rest for two days before they will travel to Atlanta. Shiwani’s statement:

For those who aren’t aware, the worsening weather conditions at Austin caused the car, that my Mom & Dad were in, to crash. It was a major accident. However, they have already sought medical treatment for their injuries.

Photos of Dinesh DC and his wife in during treatment:

dinesh dc treatment

Ranu DC being treated Dinesh Dc's wife

Nepali actor and director Dinesh DC has met with an accident in his vacation tour in the USA. He was travelling with his wife Ranu DC on the celebration of their 25th anniversary of their marriage.

dinesh dc and ranu dc

On November 7, 2015 Friday at around 4:30 AM, the car DC were riding collided with the car coming from the opposite direction. They were on their way to Austin airport to take a flight to Atlanta. They were taken to Brackenridge Hospital for treatment. After7-hours long treatment, they were discharged from the hospital. Ranu has a broken finger and was given 12 stitches on her face. Dinesh has sustained injury in his chest.

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Tamang Movie – Chu Maya (Yo Maya)

yo maya tamang movieTamang Movie – Chu Maya (Yo Maya)
Starring – Binayak Tamang, Ranjita Blon, Milan Mipchan, Ramkumar Negi, Junge Lopchan, Biraj Dong, Sumina Lopchan, Bhakta Rumba etc.
Director – Binayak Tamang

The Tamang Movie ‘Chu Maya’ (Yo Maya) is a romantic movie in Tamang language – the second presentation of Astha Narayan Pictures. The movie is presented by Khushi Tamanna Tamang.  The story of the movie is written by Serap Lopchan and the script is written by the director Binayak Tamang. The lyrics and music by Yam Blon, background music by Aachyo, script and dialogue by Samjhana Rumba / Urmila Rumba, action by Ram Guru, choreography by Ajaya Syangtan and cinematography by Santosh Pithkote Magar, editing by Chhabi Rana Magar. The child artists in the movie are Jalmaya Moktan, Jayaram Rumba and Sano Lakpa Moktan.

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