3 singing actresses in 3 days of 2016, Priyanka, Chhulthim, Pooja Sharma

It seems, a lot of Nepali actresses want to be more than bathroom singers. This week two three Nepali actresses released a musical single each and Gauri Malla also sang Nepali and Hindi songs in a New Year celebration program.


Priyanka Karki has released a song titled ‘Swotantra’. A well cinematographed music video features Priyanka in hot avatar, in bikini. Priyanka is the director, model and the voice in the music video. This is not the first time Priyanka had released songs in her voice. She had given voice to the title song of the movie ‘Aawaran’ featuring Yama Buddha. After that, she had also released a music video of the popular song of Bachchu Kailash – ‘Timle Ta Hoina Mera …’. The current release ‘Swotantra’ can be considered the first original solo of Priyanka.

Watch Priyanka’s music video:

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