Nepali Movie – Mero Nasib (only description)

Nepali Movie – Mero Nasib
Starring – Subash Meche, Soniya KC etc.
Director – Kumar Kshtri

About ‘Mero Nasib’

The movie is an action moive, a presentation of Subash Meche featuring hot actress Soniya KC opposite to Subash. Other artists are not well known in the Nepali film industry. The release date and other details about the movie is not available. The movie is not available at this time.

We will update the movie as soon as it is available. For now, this post is to give the details about the movie.

The lead actor Subash Meche is an actor who is featured in a number of Nepali movies. Featured mostly in action movies, Meche has a small group of dedicated fans. Although none of Meche’s movies have been commercially successful there are a lot of movies in his credit. Actress Soniya KC is known as one of the liberal actress in terms of showing her body. She is featured in item songs and is also a hot model. As an actress, Soniya has yet to be successful. These days, Soniya isn’t active in acting in Nepali movies. In addition to acting in Nepali she was also featured in some Bhojpuri movies. The director, Kumar Chhetri is also not that well known in the Nepali film industry.

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Poster of the movie:

Dhamala wife, mother of two kids to debut as an actress, Anurag annouced

The wife of well known journalist, Rishi Dhamala, has decided to produce a movie. In a program held in Kathmandu, a new movie named ‘Anurag’ was announced. In the movie, the producer, Aliza Gautam will also be the lead actress.

It is a most common trend of the Nepali film industry – actors invest in the movie they are featured in leading role. As the movies are made only for themselves, the directors and other artists don’t give their best. Because of the easy money, the technician’s also don’t provide the optimum amount of the effort in making the movie. Because of these facts, most of the movies produced by the lead actors in the movies are not successful. The latest such example is ‘Rudra’. The movie produced by the actor Bishow Gautam was not successful despite of Nikhil Upreti in negative role – the first in his acting career.

There are a lot of example of films made just to fulfil their desire to be featured in movies. The movie by Aliza Gautam sounds like those movies. She has asked her father to invest in the movie under the banner registered under her daughter’s name.

In the love story movie, a new actor Deepak Ghimire opposite to Aliza. Other actors in the movie include Saroj Khanal, Rupa Rana and Nirmal Sharma.
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