Keki Adhikari birthday, year in review

Actress Keki Adhikari celebrated her birthday with the team of ‘Rajja Rani’ in Kathmandu. In the celebration, film crew and journalists were present to wish her birthday wishes. In the event, Keki refused to reveal her real age. Talking about the celebration, Keki said, “What I like most of birthday celebration is, I can feel like a child.”

In the celebration Keki also requested everybody to watch her upcoming movie ‘Rajja Rani’. The movie is directed by Yam Thapa and features Keki with Kameshowr Charasiya, Deepak Chhetri, Sangita Napit etc.

The year had been very fruitful for Keki:

Keki started acting in ‘Swor’ . The debut movie flopped. After that, every movies she acted in were flop movies. After 15 flop movies in a row, she finally made into a hit movie – the 16th movie – ‘Ghampani’. Finally Keki’s team up with Dayahang Rai has worked in Dipendra Lama movie.
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Nepali Movie – Aabeg (Aryan Sigdel, Pabitra)

Nepali Movie – Aabeg
Starring – Aryan Sigdel, Pabitra Acharya, Dhruba Dutta, Archana Delala etc.
Director – Basanta Niraula

About ‘Aabeg’

The movie is a presentation of Surya Karki for Yaman Bridge Nepal. It is directed by Basanta Niraula, the husband of actress Pabitra Acharya. The movie featuring actors Aryan Sigdel, Dhruba Dutta, Pabitra Acharya, Archana Delala and Ramesh Budhathoki features the action of Asta Maharjan, cinematography of Purushottam Pradhan, music of Tanak Budhathoki and script is written by Krian Michael. The choreographer of the songs in the movie is Kabiraj Gahatraj and the editors are Shahil Khana and Milan Shrestha. The movie was releases in theatre in 2016. Read release news.

Watch the full movie:
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