Barsha Raut VS Barsha Siwakoti

Two Barsha of Nepali film industry – Barsha Raut and Barsha Siwakoti are two competitors of the Nepali film industry. According to reports, the they are not at ease at the personal level either. The rumors are based on the reports that Barsha Raut is doing the films rejected by Siwakoti.

Barsha Siwakoti is known for being selective in choosing her films. The movie released last year – ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’ went through a lot of controversies. One of them was the distance between two Barsha. Siwakoti left the film right after Raut entered the team. Siwakoti was told to be afraid of being in the shadow of Raut.

Right after Siwakoti left ‘Gopi’, Raut was signed in the film. Siwakoti told that she didn’t like the script and her role. In the other hand, Raut claimed that she was attracted by the script and her role in the film.

Siwakoti says that she has nothing against Raut. Raut says the same. But, the rumours are not dying.

Watch the following videos of Raut and Siwakoti to know the truth:

And Raut says:
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