Who is ex-Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha’s husband?

It has been a month since Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha married businessman Tarun Pratap Shah. The marriage was a private event held in December of 2021. The couple are yet to release the photos or the videos of the marriage ceremony. Prior to that, Ishani had told about the engagement and marriage ceremony details. She also released photos of her bachelorette party. Based on the information she had released, a video report was prepared right after their engagement:

Ishani has confirmed her marriage and shared photos with her husband in Christmas and New Year. But, details of their marriage is yet to be released. A video report will be prepared if such details are released by the newly married couple.

The husband, Tarun Pratap Shah, is running his family business DV Group of Companies as the Managing Director.

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Samragyee RL Shah starts a YouTube channel of her own

YouTube is the new trend in the Nepali film industry.
Every Nepali actors, actress, and crew members have opted to YouTube to show their talent. The latest in that crowd is popular actress Samragyee RL Shah. Samragyee’s channel has her first “VLOG” a video featuring her film workshop and interviews. In addition to that Samragyee has also started an online business recently.

Who is Samragyee RL Shah?
This New Year 2022 Message from Samragyee RL Shah says a lot about her.

About 2020 Samragyee says, she had went through a very dark phase of her life where she was have issues with her identity. That was the reason she did all the drama she did at that time. She created a scandal about Bhuwan KC and also released a number of videos about her experiences in the Nepali film industry.

In 2020 September end she met someone special to guide (maybe).

In the year 2021 she was longing to get more in life . So, she started her own boutique business, in April of 2021. And she also met her father after 9 years.

Samragyee RL Shah turned 26 years old two months back.

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