Who is ex-Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha’s husband?

It has been a month since Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha married businessman Tarun Pratap Shah. The marriage was a private event held in December of 2021. The couple are yet to release the photos or the videos of the marriage ceremony. Prior to that, Ishani had told about the engagement and marriage ceremony details. She also released photos of her bachelorette party. Based on the information she had released, a video report was prepared right after their engagement:

Ishani has confirmed her marriage and shared photos with her husband in Christmas and New Year. But, details of their marriage is yet to be released. A video report will be prepared if such details are released by the newly married couple.

The husband, Tarun Pratap Shah, is running his family business DV Group of Companies as the Managing Director.

Tarun Pratap Shah, the Managing Director of DV Group of Companies is running the business empire that was started as a small general store and oil dealership in the late 1970s by his father Ram Ratan Shah. Later, in 1982 Vishwanath Prasad Shah established Shah Enterprises for trading of textile & other consumer items.

A MBA in Entrepreneurship graduate from from Barcelona, Spain, Tarun is running various businesses in Education, Hospitality, Media and F&B.

Who is Ishani Shrestha?

Ishani Shrestha was the Miss Nepal of the year 2013. So far, she is the most successful Miss Nepal in the international beauty contest Miss World. She was the one and the only Miss Nepal to reach Top 10 in the contest. She was also the first Miss Nepal to win Beauty With the Purpose (BWAP) title in the competition.

At that time she was pursuing BDS degree. Later she quit it and did a degree in management. That was in 2018. The following video gives more details on Ishani:

More details about the BWAP title that Ishani won for the first time :

Congratulations to Ishani and her husband Tarun for the wedding and with the newly wed couple a loving and long lasting relationship.

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