3 Biggest Parva that established Rana Rule in Nepal – Kot Parva, Bhandarkhal Parva & Alau Parva

The first Parva – Kot Parva is the massacre that happened in Kot of Kathmandu. During the event, Jung Bahadur Rana killed a lot of his opponents including the reigning prime minister. After the event, he was appointed the new prime minister of Nepal.

Kot Parva:

A junior-queen of King Rajendra was planning to remove the crown-prince Surendra and make her own son Ranendra Shah the king of Nepal. For that, she had previously sought help from the prime ministers. They refused to kill the crown prince. She was hoping Jung Bahadur to help her in her mission. But, when Jung Bahadur refused, she plotted to kill Jung Bahadur. Jung Bahadur had his spies in the palace who informed him about the party at Bhandarkhal where he was to be given a poisoned food. An army was also awaiting for him there to make sure he didn’t escape.

But, Jung Bahadur countered the plot by killing all those who were conspiring against him. Although some escaped, he killed most of his opponents in the second Parva – Bhandarkhal Parva.

Bhandarkhal Parva:

For Jung Bahadur the queen was the problem in the palace. He gathered all the evidences of the plot against him and sent the queen to exile. The king, Rajendra also went with the queen to Kashi (Varanashi). While out of country, Jung Bahadur’s opponents gathered and asked the king to remove Jung Bahadur from power. Jung Bahadur promptly got the information about the kings intent to kill Jung Bahadur. In response, he appointed the crown prince the new king of Nepal.

King Rajendra was furious towards Jung Bahadur. He assembled a small army to fight against Jung Bahadur. But, as soon as Rajenndra and his small army entered into Nepal, Jung Bahadur crushed the army by a huge force. ex-king Rajendra was taken as hostage and was kept in prison. Jung Bahadur forced King Surendra to do whatever he wanted. He took all the power and became the most powerful person in the country and started hereditary prime minister system.

Alau parva

The Rana rule lasted 104 years.

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