40 years research – 9 Predictors of long life

rishi Get degree, get married, get a grip, and eat healthy if you want to live longer.

The November issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association published the result of a research that started back in 1965. In the article nine factors were identified as good predictors of which 50-plus men would live healthily into their 80s and beyond. The research included nearly 6,000 Japanese-American men living in Hawaii.

Well, getting married and having a degrees might be a bit odd in the list but all other seven indicators are well predictable for living longer.

Men who meet the following criteria are more likely to live longer, according to the study:

– Are married
– Are not overweight
– Have low blood pressure
– Possess a strong grip (indicating overall strength and fitness)
– Have attained a high level of education
– Have low blood sugar
– Avoid heavy drinking
– Do not smoke
– Have a low level of bad cholesterol.

The study, known as the Hawaii Lifespan Study, followed the health of participants for up to 40 years to assess overall, healthy, or exceptional survival. The men in the study, who had an average age of 54 when the research began back in 1965, were given a baseline exam at the time and found to be free of illness and functional impairments. (source)

Now I know why the rishi munis in olden days got married and used to have families even if they advocate celibacy.

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