42 wives of Jung Bahadur, Oh my goodness!

Jung Bahadur died 59 years old. He first got married when he was 10 years old. That makes – 48 years of his married life. He got a new wife almost every year. Despite of these strange facts, Jung Bahadur was a dedicated and loyal lover. He fell in love with the younger sister of his first wife – Gajendralaxmi.

But, Gajendralaxmi’s father wouldn’t let Jung Bahadur marry her and he married her off with another guy. I wrote about the love story in my previous post (Read the strange love story of Jung Bahadur). Now, let’s dive into 42 “known” wives of the dictator.

Jung Bahadur would find a way to get everything he wanted; whether it is a person or the power. He killed the prime minister to declare himself the prime minister of Nepal. He also tried to make himself the king, but failed. When it comes to women – he would get all of those he liked. He would woo them or if they are unwilling he would abduct them and bring to his palace. That was what he did Gajendralaxmi. He snatched Gajendralaxmi from her husband.

Jung Bahadur married his first wife when he was 10 but, she died in 8 years. After the death of his first wife, he tried to woe her sister to marry. But, he failed to get her. She was married off with another guy. Then he decided to use the relation tactic for his power ambition.

He married the second wife at the age of 22 to a daughter of Kaji Sanak Singh Thapa. She also died of diarrhea 21 years after marriage.

The third wife was a royal servent – Putali Nani, who worked as his spy in the royal palace. He awarded Putali by marrying her and making her his queen. This way Jung Bahadur’s third marriage was also a result of his political movie.

The fourth wife, a princess of an Indian state – Ganga, was a also a politically motivated marriage. I will talk in details on the wives of Jung Bahadur in coming days. Stay tuned.

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