Aaital apologizes, gets second chance in Eco Beauty video competition, Dibyata questions why?

When the video Miss India Earth, Aaital Khosla, submitted for the video competition in Miss Earth 2015 competition proved to be a plagiarized and was a misrepresentation, the video was taken down by the organizers. In place of the previous video, Aaital was given an opportunity to submit a new video. The new video in the competition is the same as the previous one, by replacing the scenes from Nepal by the scenes of India.

dibyata and aital in miss earth 2015

According to the Nepali contestant, Dibyata Vaidya, Aaital shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the video competition as her submission has failed to qualify and was removed. But, the organizers have allowed her the second chance by letting her upload the edited version of the video. Vaidya says, “Miss Earth Organization should not give second chance as it would be unfair to other countries who have worked so hard in so much pressure to submit the video before the deadline.”

The edited version of the video of Aaital Khosla is same except the scenes from Nepal replaced by the scenes from India.

According to the talk Dibyata had with Aaital, the national director of the Miss Earth India had uploaded the video without Aaital knowledge and approval. She also claimed to have no knowledge of the updated video.

Please click in this link to vote for the Eco-Beauty video competition in Miss Earth.

My video report on the incident:

The responses of the two contestants:

The original and edited video of Aaital compared:

Miss Earth India edited the video and re uploads

Aaital Khosla's two videos compared …

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One thought on “Aaital apologizes, gets second chance in Eco Beauty video competition, Dibyata questions why?

  1. It is a real shame that I India had to choose Nepal to promote India!! India has enough natural beauty from north to south and east to west why in the name of god they had to show Nepal instead???
    Real stupid of the organiser and editor of the video who I am sure was well aware of the scenes not being genuine India. He should be tried for this and not Aaital.
    Shame on you!!!!

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